I am a Traitor to HIVE

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Comrades, I have a dark confession to make. This confession is so dark that I will burn the proceeds from this post.

Before I make my confession. I should announce some good news. The good news is that an account used my referral link to join HIVE. I don't know who the person is, but I can't wait to see the first post on the account. I think I will give any account that uses my referral code a 10 HP delegation after their first post ... provided the post is good.

But lets get back to my transgression.

This morning I committed a sin against the collective. I committed a sin that has been hidden deep in the darkest recesses of my heart since the day that I joined the collective 45 moons ago.

This transgression is so dark that i decided to burn the rewards received for this post. I am using the burn feature on PeakD which should burn the HIVE. I don't know if it will burn the alt coins for the post.

But here goes my confession.

This morning. I transferred 24 HIVE from my HIVE Wallet to Bittrex for sale on the open market. ( gasp ). I placed a sale on Bittrex with the price of $0.777 which should translate to $18.52. I do not know if the transaction has executed. I simply cannot bear to look.

This sin I am committing is not just a one time event. I have 4800 HP in my wallet. I will continue to accumulate the HP rewards for my account until I attain dolphin status. But, as for the HBD rewards. I intend to sell them all from this point forward. I will use the funds to pay down debt.

Yes, I borrowed $480.00 to buy 3000 HIVE back when the price of HIVE was in the tank.

Don't you see?! I simply have to pay that back.

My account is transitioning from one that was steadfastly accumulating HIVE to one that is now a drag on the price of HIVE. I am now official a parasite on the collective.

But I suspect that a large number of accounts on HIVE are controlled by people with the same dark desire in the recesses of their souls.

I guess the only possible redemption is a belief that our activities will draw others into the collective. It is amazing that someone used my referral link on the same day that I started executing my treacherous transaction.

I Guess I Should Write A Post

I've been writing a series of posts on Proof of Brain about the history of partisanship.

In this series I noted that the US Founders were, for the most part, Whigs and independents. Whigs are also known as "Liberals." Their ideas would be classified today as "classical liberal." But they were liberals none-the-less.

There is one great exception. One of the greatest generals of the Revolutionary War was a Conservative. General Arnold joined the Green Mountain Boys and, along with Ethan Allan, participated in the pivotal capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775. He led an inspirational campaign along the shores of Lake Champlain in 1776 and participated in the Battle of Ridgefield, the Siege of Fort Stanwix, and the Battles of Saratoga .

So, while most of the members of the Continental Army were Liberal Whigs. There was in fact one general whose sympathies were with the Tories.

Not only that. Major General Arnold was one of the greatest generals of the war.

Of course, General Arnold realized that he had to look after his personal welfare in addition to the welfare of his troops. I have to look after my personal welfare while penning posts on HIVE.

Just as I decided to sell 24 HIVE this morning. In 1780, Benedict Arnold decide to sell a strategic fortification near West Post called Fort Arnold.

The name of the fort was Fort Arnold. I mean, it was his to sell.

My asking price was $0.777 per HIVE. Arnold asked £20,000 for control of the fort. It all seems reasonable.

The US changed the name of the fort to West Point.

Anyway, I think the story of Benedict Arnold should play an important part in discussions of the partisan history of the United States.

While most of the US Founders were Liberals (we would actually call them classical liberals). There was one Conservative Tory among the ranks!

Conservatives can proudly hold up the image of Benedict Arnold and proclaim that Tories did play a role in the Continental Army.

After the attempt to sell West Point went South, Benedict Arnold joined the British forces where he rose to the rank of Brigadier General and participated in skirmishes against the Continental Army.

General Arnold has one of the most distinguished careers of the Revolution War. He fought in pivotal battles on both sides of the conflict.

I think is is fair to consider General Arnold as the first true American Conservative.

Let's see. There is something else I wanted to mention about General Arnold.

Oh, now I remember, Benedict Arnold was a friggn' traitor. I wish that Republicans researched history before squealing their inane ideology on TV.

The public domain picture below is courtesy of Wikicommons. Anyway, I transferred 24 HIVE from the platform to Bittrex and hope to convert the proceeds from my transactions to my fiat account in the near future.



Hive Engine Tools says that this post received 0 BLOG, 7.674 LEO, 14749.3223 PAY, and 1.567 HBD

I know that the HBD is burned automatically. I will check to see if the alt-coins are burned as well after I receive the payout tomorrow.

A follow up on the burn. I cannot find the transactions proving the LEO or PAY was burned. I did not receive PAY. I received some PAY, but I am not sure if it was for this post. So, I decided to burn 10,000 PAY. Here is the burn transaction: https://he.dtools.dev/tx/63b9817a73c9083ea41c8eaa634815b1133c1b67

Selling is not a problem and never considered as a problem. If new usecase keep popping up, price will move up in long run.

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Don't feel bad, we pay in 50/50 for just this reason.
As long as hbd is over a dollar selling it helps the peg.

The reason I decided to sell the HBD was because it was over a dollar.

I did the bit about being a traitor so the post sounded melodramatic and I got to use a picture of Benedict Arnold.

I'm glad you got some Hive power when the price was down. It was a bold move to borrow money to buy Hive. You are a Hive man. The HBD are yours to use as you need.

One thing is sure... the personal application made in this post gave this read of history a very lively twist. I don't think anyone here considers you a Benedict Arnold. You should accept some !LUV and Stay Calm and Hive on.

I imagine that the Tories liked old Benedict. He turned against the revolution and decided to rejoin the King.

The book "Rabble in Arms" by Kenneth Roberts is one of my favorite works of historical fiction.

I'll have to take a look. My older son enjoys history a lot.






@yintercept, you've been given LUV from @mineopoly.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. LUV changes soon. (4/10)

Borrowing money to buy Hive is a pretty bold move. One that should provide decent returns as you keep accumulating

The loan did two things: It pulled my upvote over 0.02. That allowed me to upvote comments with confidence that the receiver would get the payout.

Since the price of HIVE was low, It made it so I could start accumulating account creation tokens. I still have to pay it back.