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Check out CentBlog.org <--

The newest community front end for Hive, and also
features the CENT token that is worth about a penny.

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Use the #CENT tag when you are posting about Economics.


I wrote a story 4 months ago about cents.

What is a CENT ? It is a French word that in English means HUNDRED.

03/07/21 | 0.01 USD = 0.012 CAD



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Thank you for sharing and mentioning. We want to provide more liquidity and trading volume with a small amount. Of course, our main goals are to ensure profit and consistency.

Nice one and it is good to see another tag here too,but I want to ask should it be all for economics alone, can I use it for finance post too

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You can use it for content in other domains. However, focused topics will get more likes. In addition, finance is a sub-branch of economics. The tribe is also interested in finance.