A HIVE pod NFT plus a MEME burn

in #hive-104024last month

The @buynburn account transfers its HBD and HIVE rewards to #hive-engine. It uses these funds to buy and burn distressed HE coins.

To make this project work, I need to occasionally write posts. I write each post by hand to qualify for #proofofbrain status.

I've been creating AI creations on NightCafe. NightCafe has daily challenges. Today's challenge is "oceasn creatures.

I decided to create an image of a pod of dolphins swimming in a Bee Hive as it provides an excuse to creates links between my HIVE account and my NightCafe account.

To take the silliness one step further. I decided to mint the image as an NFT on HiveMe.me. I created 5 images. This costs 1000 MEME. I am selling 4 of the images for 280 MEME. This covers the creation cost and a 10% transaction fee. 280 MEME is currently worth $0.009 USD.

This is an opportunity to invest in fine NFT art for less than a penny.

BTW: After buying a NFT; you should release it at a higher price that way it will show up in your gallery. Who, knows ... the price might go up. There's only four of these NFTs on the market.

Okay, okay. one generates an AI image by writing a short prompt ... so there really is an unbound number of AI NFTs.

My NFT Meme gallery shows images I've created.

After publishing this post, I will burn 1548 MEME. I intend to burn all of the coins in the account. The HBD and HIVE rewards of this post will go towards buying and burning distressed coins on HE.

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I sent my girlfriend a 'Get Better' card.
She's not sick, or anything - I just think she can get better..

Credit: reddit
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Thank you for supporting MemeHive. !LOL !MEME

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Women only call me ugly until they find out how much money I make.
Then they call me ugly and poor.

Credit: lofone
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Here is the proof of burn.

1548 MEME burned https://he.dtools.dev/tx/48a029b3e54a731589ab830b635f9fb8ac498bbe
1945 MEME burned https://he.dtools.dev/tx/0cafe93236de2e70cde5f66d65464d4ec9f53d96
1547 MEME burned https://he.dtools.dev/tx/644ad3e879ef537bd1533a860ce8482b18a7b7df
1104 MEME burned https://he.dtools.dev/tx/a8e6a54d5ccdbe1a1032036799c58052a5c89dff

I see that this is the fourth MEME burn. You've burned 6144 MEME so far.

Seriously, what do you have against the MEME coin? People need MEME to buy the NFTs.


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