Wolf Pack is a Memecoin you do not want to miss

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Here is why i know @wolfpack_WPK will be that jackpot you are looking for.

πŸŒ• Wolves are a common Theme/Narrative on Cronos.

πŸŒ• Our community is rock solid, and prices are bottomed at 28K market cap.

πŸŒ• Our supply is limited at only 1 million tokens max.

πŸŒ• Further limits to the supply are that 27% of tokens I have purchased are locked in a smart contract for years. Source: https://cronoscan.com/token/0xB0ceEDa9351B8e6754637AF219f2087Fd073833E?a=0x4f0fd563be89ec8c3e7d595bf3639128c0a7c33a

πŸŒ• We have been Whitelisted on both @TheDooNFT and @wolfswapdotapp

πŸŒ• We are partnered with @btcronosreal, which is a solid project on Cronos.

πŸŒ• We are 100% a community owned project.

πŸŒ• $WPK LP is burnt. Source: https://cronoscan.com/tx/0x0edb99ba1707c0bb1a68235f6733845da68b6ee648b1008e7e68b72c8758c9b8

πŸŒ• $WPK Ownership is renounced. Source: https://cronoscan.com/tx/0x81f9877b7972c9ccbb21b251cea7ac8892e6cb1a06c18438b18758e09da80415

πŸŒ• $WPK was featured on @GlobalCryptoUtd


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It's good that you can track meme tokens. I just stumbled upon yesterday what they say is the new big thing in meme tokens. It's SEAL, Solana's meme token.