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Da meme is an art. Wut is dun wit meme is also an art.


Gib kredit. Make changes. Make your own. Da meme culture is getting strong in sum places. Sum hab shared, or collected hundreds and even thousands of memes. It's really amazing. Ask dat you be noice about it if you do. Perhaps react to da meme before you "steal" (borrow) it. And with gud taste and regards and within gud proper guidelines. Sum memes are presented as works of art. Maybe not steal dat one. Sum shared enter da public domain as many tings' do in the internet interwebs(s). Dis may be in part noted by any additional text on da meme fer example. Sum may add their name such as an artist, or Creator of sum sort. Sum may add a copyright as a business, or owner of sum character, or name in da meme. Pepe is kind of mixed. Being in da public domain as many hab created Pepe werks different from the original creators creation. While the original creator did get a trademark fer "Pepe", but also likes da free culture around it. Asking dat such be in gud taste, in da spirit of Love as he believes Pepe is Love.

Feels Good Man!


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Always respect and honor the meme makers and the meme sharers! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Repeat after me: CREATIVE COMMONS No stealing, just sharing. Expanding reach. Building a MEME network. Enlarging the MEME culture. Creative Commons.

Creative Commons

Yes, creative commons.


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My doctor said he could help me stop dreaming of cows playing football
I asked him to wait till after finals.

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