$PEPE Token On Hive Recharging From Reward Pool

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Unlike other $PEPE token dis one on Hive is recharged from da reward pool.


Recharging in relation to $PEPE may be viewed howeber you choose to do so. As dis meme waz most likely created or interpreted as da $PEPE token on Ethereum being da one wit da big market cap, moar well known, and a future perpetual.

One could recharge their wallet holdings as they may see fit.

One may may stake, and possibly delegate, their $PEPE tokens and curate posts tagged wit a Pepe tag and earn $PEPE token rewards essentially charging up their wallet wit moar staked and unstacked $PEPE tokens from weekly rewards from a da reward pool wen posts reach da age of seven days.

Feels Good Man!


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$PEPE Hive Engine - TribalDex

Pepe Token Community Ecency - LeoFinance - PeakD

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My wallet is charged by a constant stream of PEPE streaming in, and it feels good man! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙