Frogs vs Dogs Meme Contest Idea

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Start ob a contest idea. Please express interest and input.


Dis contest idea found elsewhere and thought to explore further here. Memes may include frog, dog, or frog and dog. Maybe same, or similar contest rules.

This one has the idea of rules wit Follow, Like, and Repost.

Tag three (3) frens

Use Hash tag "FrogsVsDogs"

Would be required to make a post with your memes (entry). Sharing the post with the main contest post. A follow of @pepetoken , Like, or Upvote of main contest post, tag three (3) frens. Such tagging me be in your post and/or reply to main contest entry. Maybe both to help get moar awareness. And use da tag which in dis case would be "frogsvsdogs".

Contest may start next week. Gib sum thought to it. We'll think on it as well. Prizes will need to be decided. May be comparable to da meme contest dat is hosted by @pepe.voter.

Feels Good Man!


*notification list (comment to be added): @beckyonweb @bitphoto @blanchy @efmm @elizabethbit @ganjafarmer @gregscloud @ironshield @kenny-crane @nomaddreamer @pepe.voter @thebighigg @tydynrain @zonadigital21 *

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Hmmm, interesting idea. !WINE

I'm not much of a meme maker anymore, but I'd love to see some Frog-VS-Dog memes! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙



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What do you get after the animal dinner party?
Stuffed animals.

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