Habby FriYay and PEPE Power Up Day!

in #hive-104024last month

Power up sum PEPE and maybe get a matching delegation!


If you power up today, would love to hear about it and share with with the community! Feels free to reply to this post, make a post, and maybe tag me if you'd like.

It's PEPE-PUD! 50K POWERED UP by @ironshield

Power up 50K feels good man and matching the power up with a 50K PEPE delegation!

Another Power Up found of 100K PEPE Power! Dat sum power man!

My Actifit Report Card: June 14 2024 by @holovision

Sharing a contest from @pepe.voter Win 1 HBI/SBI Contest 6/12/2024 and Congratulations henruc 🐸💯📯

We hab a few that a fairly dedicated to powering up. While also having 33 Millionaires last count from sum tiem ago.

Lastly the Battle Frog Game is getting closer to inviting you all to play! Leave a comment if you want to be invited and we'll see what we can do. Also watch out fer posts wen we go live and are inviting people so that you may get invited, and/or help invite others!

Feels Good Man!


*notification list (comment to be added): @beckyonweb @bitphoto @blanchy @efmm @elizabethbit @ganjafarmer @gregscloud @ironshield @kenny-crane @nomaddreamer @pepe.voter @thebighigg @tydynrain @zonadigital21 *

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What's a dry orange good for?
Nothing at all. It's juiceless.

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@pepetoken, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of holovision.cash

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PEPE sits by my computer and make sure I power up!🐸
Done Pepe ….powered up!!!👍🤗

Happy PEPE Powerup Friday! I'd love to receive an invitation to play with da froggies! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Just powered up a Million #PEPE and

Feels Good Man!


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Where did the ice cream man get his driver's licence?
Sundae school.

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Why did the elevator move into the apartment building?
He wanted to take up residence.

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$PIZZA slices delivered:
@ieronimus(3/5) tipped @pepetoken
kenny-crane tipped pepetoken

matching the power up with a 50K PEPE delegation!

Thanks for the delegation! !WINE