I Hab Ton Ob Memes

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Are you prepared fer total economic collapse?


Frogs just need to lib in da wild and keep eating bugs and find a Lilly pad to retire to.

Humans on da other hand...

Me froggie gotz lots of memes and PEPECASH!

Hopin' you all are well prepared fer (potential) total economic collapse.

Pepe may be here to help, or may not.

Hope you may do your best.

Don't know if PEPE may help.

But it wut me got a long wit da memes.

Most ebery day me go find and discover sum meme.

Post da meme on da Hive Blockchain.

Earn sum token.

Preparing fer total economic collapse.

Mission accomplish.

Feels Good Man!


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What's the most modern plant?
A courant bush.

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Meme coins may be the way out of this mess. Or maybe make it less painful.

This is one of the reasons that I live off grid in the jungle in a food forest. It's also partly why I'm focusing on building, growing, and saving here on Hive as much as I possibly can! Hang on, it's going to get bumpy! 😁🙏💚✨🤙


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