Film Review: OMICRON (1963) - Review part 2

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The Patient is re-employed at the factory he was once working at.
He is fast efficient and out works all the other workers.

As the employers see the speedy production of this new employee they study him and want all employees to be this efficient.
The first part of this post can be found here:
These are the bosses



ALL in the name of SCIENCE

When he gets hurt.

He has a talk in his mind about what is happening...He was paid to come and experiment on the people.




And this is what the doctors teach smoke of course...Almost a spoiler right here..



He gets the concept but not the flavor.

There is a love interest at the lunch lines ladies. When the lady serving are refereed to as "Jeremaids"

The plot moves on to capturing the Patient, which they do, then release to the foreman. Who bring the Patient home..seduction scene for the house mate lady. Watch the background now...and read the words it sounds like what the modern politician would say and how they would act.
Then an offer to be second...that is how it happens...promises promises.
Morality holds long as you do not hold the fact that he helped steal a human...willingly.

Our patient learns words...

What he has to say is just fitting as it could be...learn a new language but choose to use the dirty words, alright....what he goes with....


Upon learning of his mind in the context of words, he resumes memories from his past and returns home. For the next big movement into the film.

I hope you are enjoying this movie as much as i am, and as much as it is watching me as i sleep too soon to finish it. One more part to come and that will be all folks.
We will continue it at another day and leave the view from here.

Here is a meme to make you come back for round three:



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The title of this movie is in a completely new light with the recent covid variant.

Thanks for this great review. This was a new movie to me, which is not a surprise since I am not too deep into the movies of the 1960s.

Cheers, @andy-plays

!gif thank you

There are a lot of gems movies that actually have story lines and a feel to them from the 1940,50,60's
Thanks for having a look.