Film Review: OMICRON (1963) - Review part 3 *spoiler at the end.

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The next scene is a heavy one, opening with....


Who he chases out of his room as he is receiving instructions to exit the body, through suicide so he can take over another host...but wait there is more.
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A lot are some scenes to that i thought were interesting and worth notes...
They call sex...STICKY Absorption....sound fun.

Facts do not change because you are from another planet....only woman can give birth..... wanna be boys who are girls like they are boys who do girls...., nature is against your kind.



He has to read and know the full extent of the human understanding.

the Books that are depicted in the movies:
The Odyssey
L'Amore compged
via coi vento
Alain Robbert Girllet
io sono adolf eichmann - Henri Ludwigg
La Divina Commedia
Brigitte Bardot
La Rivoluzione Francese
La Rivoluzione Russa
La Rivoluzione Liberale
La Rivoluzione Sessule
Figlio!...Figlio Mio!... - Howard Spring
Lami puke moi
la figlia di Lorio - di Gabriele d'Annunzio
The son of the captain
la Figlia Del Colonnello - Richard Aldington
The sons of Bitches
Lo Zio Prete - Luigi Santucci

The patient goes on to disclose the plot of how it the virus that inside the patient will take over the world. I think i will leave the movie review about 47 minutes into the film and i think at this point if you are reading should be watching the movie for yourself to find out what happens.

and then his happen...ah yes nothing like sitting in the corner of the room.

Ill just say that the virus want to take over the top people and leave the seconds, as in the working class, alone the seconds are indispensable.
Why? you ask are the seconds indispensable, well because they buy the things the First create. "They're consumers. Without them the planet would be ruined."
"This is how industry concurs markets with its products."
Ill just rewrite it from memory...and reality of what i see...
'The break down the simplicity of how the worker works int he factory, they are lent money , then convinced to buy the products they just made, thus returning their money, which comes in the form of IOU's that are signed for the things they just produced. The remaining money is spent on keeping the cycle going, all so that the cycle can go on again in other hands. Redistribution over and over and over again, a closed cycle. But the ones who benefit from this cycle is the first class, the ruling class....that is who we need to get inside to take over the plant.'
Wow some heavy words coming out of this movie. Perhaps that is why they call them reptile people with reptilian brains...
The scene that explains the monetary cycle on earth is quite comical and should be watched.!!



The plot is to take over the ruling few...take over them and you can not change they system they are already accustom to and yet have full control.

The intensity is rising.





Wow this scene makes you think...makes me think as i watch those that are getting gabbed...not being another has taken over their minds and bodies as our patient main charter is experiencing.


As the realization of what is inside the patient his life becomes a risk in ll forms for they will not let him get away with spreading the truth...
Closing scence SPOILER ALERT - Stop reading here.










So they say but wait there is more....the Patient struggles to survive and go on to tell those of what he has learned first hand, what he knows and sees and what it all means...and yet he is trowel aside...sounds familiar of the day in age we are living in...those with the truth are sent away to exile and left to rot with the knowledge that they have...never to be listened to for the people are too foolish to see look listen or do anything about their own least only some are this way

Just like all those healthy sports players...dropping dead on the field...he tried to talk but nothing came out that could be heard from those around him too busy listening to the worker bell to stop and question their existence.


The ending is where the workers go back to work and the virus is dead...The wired similarity of how they fired the 40 agitators and then sent everyone else back to work....the virus might not have gotten them but the old way of their lives went back to isn't that nice they have to possibility to change, to revolt to make a difference and have a different way of life and yet they want back to the way they were accustomed to....sounds all too familiar.

With any good story the summary of the charter, he tired to save the workers he tried to tell them the truth but they just did not listen...

Unknowen case they say....
Back to big business.



And here is the catch

Smoked right down to the filter...






SO if you have not figured it out the Omicron alien from another planet has infected the minds of the business owners as implied by the fully smoked cigarette all at once as all in the room act the same.
Perhaps there is truth to this movie how peoples minds are being taken over and made into fallowing sheep mush.
Perhaps there is other world aliens inside them controlling how they act....
Or it is all just a movie and not actually telling you what is going on with the plan.
Either way I hope you had a good time with me watching the movie.
Here is a meme for all you out there.



Thanks for stopping by to have a look watch read and write, if you leave a comment.
I hope you are able to see the game by now...if not, well just keep on and move along,have another bong hit and disappear.


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Thanks for finding this movie.. We are living it in a very real fashion right now. Movie had the cigarettes we have the injections. People are still dumb today as a box of rocks.

Dumb as a box of moon rock some may say...yes odd movie to watch and be living through but worth seeing what is out there. Thanks for having a look and using your brain. !PIZZA


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