Green Lantern 's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (27/49)

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I just wanted to watch this movie like if nobody told me it was bad.

I already saw it but I couldn't remember everything except jokes, which I think are probably the best thing in that movie. When I launched it I was even trying my best to finish it and say "It's good". I even wanted to lit a little to myself forcing my tastes to say it's good, only to be against everyone else on the internet.

That's impossible

That movie is terrible. And there are a lot of reasons for that, and I will tell you why !


The casting is incredible. All the actors are great. Ryan Reynolds and his current wife Blake Lively met for the first time on the set of that movie. And I think this is a pretty cool couple, they are giving a lot of money to charity for many things but I will not talk about that.

That's also the first time RR and Taika Waititi made a movie together before Free Guy but I'm not sure this really bring them together because there is 11 years between those two movies. There is also Mark Strong in that movie, which is an actor I absolutely love since... Grimsby... Dammit my tastes are so bad... 😥

You : So, what's the problem ? Isn't that supposed to be a bad side ?

YES ! It is ! With great actors they did an awful work ! We feel like each actor is acting in a different movie ! While Ryan Reynolds is playing in a Deadpool for children, Blake Lively is indeed playing in a serious superhero movie and Taika Waititi is in a sitcom where while all the other characters (except 2 other green lanterns which are pretty funny and not stupid) are just playing in a bad action TV movie. Too much serious, not seeing anything, not recognizing Ryan Reynolds when this is his face :



I can't say if all the artistic direction is making the worst work ever of if it's just visual effects but I always felt like if I was in a old Playstation 2 cinematic but with bad green screens.


The whole movie has bad artistic decisions. I still don't understand why when he has the power to create anything he wants with his green powers he always does the things a 7 years old kid would think in the same situation. An helicopter is crashing ? He creats a Hot Wheels circuit and puts wheels to the crashing vehicule. He needs to fight, a chainsaw ! Someone launches a rock on him, he creates that Worms' iron wall !



Even when he's fighting with the most uncharismatic bad guy in the universe he uses catapults, missiles and jets. I don't really know what happened in the reunion rooms but I think someone with too much power made bad decisions.


I DON'T understand. They are so abashed. Their only objective are "I wAnT tO bE pOwErFuL" and noting more. They are not only ugly but don't have anything original enough to be remarkable. And no need to say that the main vilains which is the only reason this movie exists is a non sense.

He is detained in a prison in a sort of ambre prison in the ground of an unknown planet. Just here :


His power is fear. So you could imagine he has been really neutralize and can't use his powers anymore ?
No, one day 3 unknown guys fell in a hole where they find this bad guy. They are afraid so he is able to basically eat their soul because they are filled with fear... So that means they best green lanterns in the universe put in jail their enemy in a magical prison and the entire world is menaced because it is eating the planets really fast.

WHY SHOULD THE GREEN LANTERNS EVEN EXIST ? Who would like the green lanterns to protects them when 3 random guy can destroy their prison by... by walking next to it ?! That's a terribly weak prison.


I mean. I think the story of green lanter before he is green lantern is way more interesting. I would prefer to see a movie about the pilot making shit. Even if it's so cliché that it reminded me some scenes of Hot Shots making fun about cliché scenes of Top Gun

But once he is the new Human Lantern, that's boring. I mean, he uses his powers to train, to save the helicopters, to fight the 2nd vilain, and to fight the big one. And each time that's really fast. I've not been rejoiced to see him use his powers, and because the objets he choose are strange I was more mocking than actually feeling he's powerful.


The best part now, his he important in that movie. I really think he is the best part of it. If the movie was exactly the same but someone more serious was taking his role, this would probably be even more a mess. At least thanks to him and his jokes which are the not r-rated version of Deadpool's jokes, we have some moment we are laughing because the movie wanted us to, not because it failed to look serious. I watched it in the French dubbed version and I have to share with you a good translation of a good joke. There is this dialog at a moment :

"-Watch your back.
-That's impossible, Bob.

But in french the translation of that just means "watch behind you" and that's possible. But in french there is a set phrase to say "I don't like you" which can be translated by "You're in my nose" So that makes something like that :

"-Youre in my nose.
-I could never fit in.

When it's written that is terribly not funny at all, but in a serious scene that actually makes something 😅 And to be honest this is probably one of the best jokes of Ryan Reynolds for me, which shows how bad are my tastes 😁


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I have not watched this yet and heard all about the horrible reviews haha. Mark Strong has me interested, he's usually really great in everything he does.

I'll get around to it eventually, most of these films tend to blend together for me.

Yeah, Mark Strong is interesting ! Not one of his best though 😅

Thank you for your review and for supporting bad superhero movies. :) Green Lantern seems like a no brainer great movie with CGI and a good acting cast...and yet here we are. Thanks agian!


That's how it is :') !PIZZA

How many times has ryan reynolds married?

In real life ? Twice, with Scarlett Johansson then Blake lively now

I think actors have public pressure on their personal life so they can not hide with whom they are getting married

Aha, that's for sure ! Especially when both of them are celebrities !