Sad times have befallen Taka-Token-Island. Died is ...

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I do not know what died. Yes, something is buried in the cover. But in any case, it's not CryptoCompany CEO. Because that's what I've been working hard on the last 6 months...


Long story short why there were no postings: You may know that CryptoCompany is not created by a big team. Without denying anyone the honorable participation, the "team" is "small". I didn't want to emphasize that very much, because it doesn't seem like power (and you need a lot of power to make a project like this). Yes, the team is small, but believe me, you can develop confidence in it. The game is coming. I have my name because it has reasons: PowerPaul.

When you have little manpower, you have to focus the manpower on the core business; on the game creation, instead of on the media hype of a content that was still thin at this point. Sure, it is regrettable that I did not communicate this. This was certainly not conducive.

Now after months off the air and working hard on the game, the content has grown to such an extent that I can now report again with ease. To an extent that I no longer need hours of preparation to be able to present "just" a screenshot. More importantly:


We, the people who are interested in the game, are not standing somewhere. Basically, we are standing just before the first players are allowed to enter the game to explore features.

Even though there is still a lot to do, of course, on the overall framework of the game: we are at a point where I should really start speaking publicly again. Otherwise the game will still go online and no one will hear about it.... ;-)

On the contrary: I'm stupid if I don't actively involve you in the creation of the game. And that's exactly what we will do more and more from today on. So you not only have the possibility to actively shape the game, but also to generate values, which you can then use in the game. Or be one of the first players right away? The timetable is running! (We will talk about this in a upcoming post.)

With this in mind, posting will now resume - without extra pixelated images, again with already established features here in the posts and additional actions and contests to participate in.

And to remind us where we were, I want to mention again:




Especially after past posting break, I do not want to take the mouth too full, about what awaits us now in upcoming posts. But if you remember, interaction with CryptoCompany has always been worthwhile. And, of course, that's where we continue. Let's make it exciting again!

As mentioned, as of today, there are no more pixelated images - even if the graphics of the game is not polished yet. (Which I'm very critical about as an artist and shy away from the moment of judgment, but also proud, considering I built all this fu*** stuff. I have built it to the best of my knowledge, in all its interconnected complexity. Yes, something to be proud of.) But everything you've seen in past posts and now see here is actual in-game graphics of working content from the game. I'm not a fan of extra colorizing promo material (and not meeting expectations later in the game). This is real stuff that you can expect in the game - without bling-bling hype.

And it's with that in mind - even though a lot of it isn't finished yet - that I want to re-shoot the undisguised cover image. Because it has sooo many details in it, which you can discover and we can happily expect, but also puzzle over and assume. Why should I destroy all this joy and this "discovery"?

20221022-130203 CryptoCompany CEO Screenshot.png

So I'm looking forward together with you to now discovering the world and the game bit by bit in upcoming posts and also let your input flow in. To create details of the game with you and of course continue to distribute goodies. You can look forward to upcoming postings. Promised. The hard work of the now last 6 months have shown me:

It will be great!

I'm happy & looking forward to get in touch with you again!

And what is also important for me to say:

Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

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[@PowerPaul:] Woelfchen, you won! !LOL

Thank you for your support and your CCSUB! I will personaly push the button to activate your


I wonder if glass coffins will become popular one day?
Remains to be seen.

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Good to see you are working hard behind the scenes. I'm really looking forward to your continued development... and hope to win a car! !LOLZ

!gif welcome back

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[@PowerPaul:] :thumbsup: A joy to see you here again!

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He doesn’t want to be spotted.

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I already thoight this great oroject died. Good to see you are back to business.

Looking forward to explore the game world with you.

When we are pinged for this we already are subscribers right? Nothing else to do?

Lets spread the good news and bring Crypto Company into the world.

When I look at the picture lots is to do to make this island and urban one. You will need more subscribers😃

[@PowerPaul:] Hey Kheldar! A pleasure to read your kind words! Yes, you are already subscribed. You did it under the last post from @ccnewsflash. So nothing elso to do - you did everything right.

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Thank you for being here!

!PIZZA Many thanks and keep it up.

What do you call an island populated entirely by cakes?

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Good to see you again!

[@PowerPaul:] Thank you dude! A pleasure to see you here! Stay tuned!

Keep on moving! Best regards!

[@PowerPaul:] <3 Best regards!


@balte, happy new month in advance my good friend. Regards.


And of course please tag me in more of these posts as I definitely would love to support you.

Awesome work and keep it up



Party!!!!! Yeah man.

[@PowerPaul:] Oh, the random number generator said !LOL What a luck!

Right on super thank you thank you thank you!!!

Me and puppy dog really appreciate all these tokens!


Thank you thank you


I absolutely love beer thank you very much!


As I suspected – someone has been adding soil to my garden.
The plot thickens.

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I am very excited about the game!
And of course +CCSUB

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I'm glad to see that the project is still going strong, and might I add, it looks great! I hope all is well, and I cant wait to be able to play this amazing game!

[@PowerPaul:] POWER! & !LOL

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Very exciting to hear again from the projekt.


[@PowerPaul:] I can imagine that. So good to be back! Thank you for your kind words & your support! Your



A blind man walks into a bar..
..and then a chair and then a table.

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Why are Dolphins so successful at dating?
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thx fro your job and relax We can wait lol

[@PowerPaul:] Thank you dude for this kind words & your support! Clearly: !LOL

I'm looking for an arsonist interested in a romantic relationship.
I want someone who can set my world on fire!

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Small advice: Try to bring a structure in your content with some summaries and recaps. In the whole text I could not find a description what is this game about. At least a one-line or a link to an introductory post would be appreciated. Your visuals look awesome but they don´t help too much in this direction either.

[@PowerPaul:] Thank you very much for your feedback. That's exactly what I'm working on right now: all the facts, presented on the website. Your feedback clarifies the need/urgency for me.


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