Doing Some Gardening... 🌿

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So, Im growing some fruits here and I love gardening... Its so therapeutic and relaxing... And Idk, makes me contemplative of nature...
Just to wonder how out of a little seed it just keeps growing and growing until some very tall heights like thoses in florests... Some have thousands of years, and they are just made to survive through time and thermal amplitudes... They are very alive and vibrating while also cleaning our air doing the opposite process of combustion, using the carbon from CO² as food to grow through photosynthesis and liberating oxygen (0²) in the end... And its so good to breath, heh?! We don't even notice...


This is a Jabuticaba tree we have here, it has around 2 years... It takes somewhat 10 years to grow nicely and start to fruit... Idk if many of you know it, its mainly native from subtropical regions in Brazil and its taste and format resembles grapes... I just go watering that one to help it grow faster... They are like this:


But so, I started and want to start to grow more fruits, so I begun by cleaning vases and doing some with plastic bottles... Small vases are mainly for germination and helps on beginning of vegetative state, but then it needs to transplant to bigger vases or to land, which is a careful process too to not get your plant stressed...



Then just went to dig some piece of land that was softer, the deal here is that you don't want a too compact soil, their roots need space to breath and for ramification, this soil was good because I didn't have to take much grass roots out or stones, you want pure soil.


(filling vases)


So the first thing I did was searching and germinating mango's seeds. I like mango a lot!! I know many of you didn't know how the seed was, it is very protected by its cover, its not so easy to take its hilum intact, which is this line that link it to the top, but it helps on germination to absorb earth nutrients, while taking it out could be a bit of damage instead... I had some not sucessfull tryings too... You gotta be a bit careful to not cut yourself and I would advise to let the cover on water a day before cutting it, as it gets softer. Then after it you just let the seed 2 days on water before germinating on earth.


I know I could just take a seedling, which is a part of a tree that you take out to clone, and it kinda turns into a faster process, but I just like to do all of it from the beginning. But so, for cloning you also might need something to help the ramification process, depending on its type, I heard tritured lentils are good for it too.
I forgot to take photos of its early vegetative state, and for me this is the most interesting part because its like faith, you don't know if the seed will develop but you just trust it lol


So there it is!! It has around 3 months or so... And look who is there too 👀... Nina! Our tortoise, that does absolutely nothing and then goes hibernate some time too... She got photobombed in action eating a tomato.
I got tell, I had others 3 mango trees that was just on test and my 4 years old niece took 2 of their seeds out of the vases, sheeesh, but its all right, its good for kids to play with earth, although she was emptying others too, I can't expect that she understands, so its all good... The other plant got stressed due to very high temperatures in november and december, idk what happened, I tryied to water it many times (it wasn't overwatering), maybe I should have left outside of the sun sometime, but its also good that they develop its own natural resistence. But so, the mango frutification is somewhat fast and I might be harvesting on next 2 years.


So anyway, I also bought some substracts recently that I didn't use yet... Which are vermiculite, perlite, coconut fiber and spaghnum peat. They mainly help the ramification process and retention of water, so you don't have to water all the time and they can better photosynthesize during that interval period.
I'm about to buy more seeds, the ones Im look into are tangerine, avocado, strawberry, plum, mulberry, cocoa (Im a no sugar fella lol), pepper and kiwi. We have lemon, acerola, banana and lychee trees here... Some of thoses can stay at vases, but some are better with vertical gardening structures, which would take more time/work to do so... So Im not sure.


The deal is, everything takes time, if we don't start then we never gonna harvest... I think if everyone had notion of agriculture and that every meal they do just took a good ammount of time through some large or lower scale process, they would be way more grateful and appreciative, feel food tastier... Besides, they would value way more others people's time and work... Which could be even a way of discipline against crimes only by its notion...


I forgot I wanted to drop this selfie under the lychee tree here... Since I don't post much self stuff, my hair and mustache were kinda crazy due so much weed...
Thats it, have a good day all!

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