Sharing Donuts With My Son's Playmates

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I feel very happy to get cool rewards from Hive blogging. Yesterday, I bought some sets of color pencils and books for my kids. Today, I teach my kids how to share happiness. Sharing happiness can be various things. I will show my son how we share food with his friends.

I decided to make donuts. This morning I bought some flour and chocolate sprinkles. I made the donuts with the help of my daughters.
My first daughter does not like cooking. She likes to help me with some tools, but she does not want to learn to cook. My second daughter has more interest in cooking. She does almost all the steps of making donuts. She actually knows how to make donuts, as she often practices with me.
She mixed the flour, eggs, milk, and other ingredients. She kneaded the dough and made the whole thing into donuts.

After we finished making the dough, the dough was kept in a covered basin for about four hours.
Then, my second daughter made the shape of the donuts.After finishing making the donuts with the dough, I started to fry them. I fried by myself because my son took a nap.

I fried almost 30 donuts. I added the topping with colorful chocolate sprinkles. My son called his friends to come to my garage. He brought the donnuts to his friends.
There were still many donuts. I planned to give the donuts to my neighbors this evening.


From this activity, I taught my kids some lessons. My daughters learned how to make donuts. My son learned that sharing food would make better friendship. From my experience, sharing will not reduce what we have, but it will be a seed of goodness. I believe that goodness is eternal. It will grow into different shapes of kindness and happiness. And we will never know when we will harvest the seed of goodness that we plant. Something that is certain is that we will harvest what we sow.


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esterday, I bought some sets of color pencils and books for my kids. Today, I teach my kids how to share happiness

Kids need to be teach from an early age. Glad u are teaching your kids the good moral value.👍👍

Thanks, teaching orally may not give strong impacts that is why I show my kids how to share food with others in their real life.

Yay! 🤗
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Yes agree with @rosmadirazali, needed to guide them from young age. And about moral and manners too. Sharing is caring ❤️ this makes them feel like you're their friends / mentor too ☺️

That 's true, children will follow what the parents do. If parents give goodness in the example, so children follow their parents.

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This is so much more important than sports or games. So many kids grow up now not knowing how to cook or take care of themselves. Your daughter sure knows to knead dough and and prep the donuts, very smart and talented girl.

Thanks, my second daughter like to cook with me. She does the cooking activities like playing with her toys that is why she enjoys the process from the beginning to the end.

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So heart-warming! Not only are the kids having fun, but they're also learning morals and welcoming guests with food!

You are right. It is become a characteristic , welcoming guest with some food and drink in Asean countries. Children will learn to welcome the guests warmly though after living as an urban, the tradition changes.