Finally, I was successful in making donnuts after some failed trials.

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Donnuts are not a traditional food in my country. I am not sure where it is from. However, donnuts are very popular snacks because many children like them. I have tried to make this snack many times, but I failed. Today, I was very happy because I made big and soft donnuts.
I like to share my secret recipe for my successful donnuts. The recipe can be different, but I have tried it more than three times and the result is the same. The donnuts can develop maximally, and the taste of the bread is soft and tender.

donat.jpg1 egg, 500 gram of flour, a sachet of sweetened milk, a teaspoon of yeast, and 3 to 4 spoons of sugar, 1 spoonful of butter, 200 ml water
ToppingSome cheese and chocolate sprinkles
donat2.jpgPut the egg (yolk only), sugar, yeast, sweetened milk, and 200 ml of water in a basin
donat3.jpgMix the inggredients for about 5 minutes, you can use a manual mixer or an electric mixer.
donat4.jpgAdd the floor by a spoon, do not add the flour in once
donat5.jpgAdd a spoonful of butter in the mixture of the ingredients and the flour
donat4.jpgAdd the flour until the dough is sticky
donat6.jpgAdd the flour in the dough and stir it with a spatula
donat7.jpgAfter the dough is not sticky, knead the dough until it is smooth
donat8.jpgdonat10.jpgPut the dough in a basin after smooth
donat11.jpgCover the basin with a cloth, and let it for about 3 to six hours.

After the dough has completely fermented, you can start to cut the dough into small pieces. I prefer to make 40 gram of each piece.
Shape the dough into a round with a hole in it!.
You can make the hole with your finger.
It is time to fry the dough for the donnuts. Take them out when they look brownish.

Add the topping to the donnuts. I like to sprinkle cheese and chocolate on the donnuts.
Now you can enjoy your donnuts!


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Ve verdad se ven muy deliciosas 😋

Thanks for dropping, this after some failed trials.

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Mmmmm Congratulations
Looks so delicious 😋

Thanks, I can make donnuts now

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wao sangat delicious,, kak maaf ya aku mampir lagi untuk bertanya, aku bingung kenapa dulu aku bisa dapet HBD namun sekarang jarang sekali mendapat HBD, hive pun juga sedikit, dari postingan dg nilia $7.00 sekian hanya mendapat 0,884 hive. sedangkan dulu bisa 1.00 sekian. aku terus memperhatikan apa yang salah namun aku tidak dapat memecahkan masalah ini sendiri.

udah aku jelasin disini karena banyak orang indonesia banyak yang ngalami hal yang sama. semua reward itu dibagi 50 ke kurator dan 50 ke author. Nah ke author akan masuk ke HP 50 dan HBD 50.

tapi akun situ aneh , harusnya author sama kurator reward 50%/50%. Coba di beneficiary 100% untuk sendiri.


mantap banget om, enak banget sepertinya. ; )