Don't be a master at procrastinating

This is a free gift that gets people nowhere... without pain, but also without gain.


Almost every day in some area of ​​our life we ​​tend to procrastinate, we start to do something sooner we give up because we use the technique of saying "tomorrow I'll continue", or "tomorrow I'm done", and we keep pushing that until there comes a time when we simply we abandon the idea of ​​everything.

Now, do you know how to become a successful procrastinator?

It's simple, don't do anything!

Unlike becoming a successful person... because there will be pain all the way, there will be internal conflicts, there will be losses, there will be difficult days that we will think about giving up, there will be difficulties, and many stones in the way.

But at all times we have to be optimistic and accept that nothing comes to knock us down or kill us, every difficulty teaches us to be strong and allows us to evolve.

Do not do anything !

Once, watching a video, the interviewer said: Some people are born to do nothing, so if you are one of those, don't do anything.

Listening to this, I could understand why some people are successful and others are not... Some do not create an imposed limitation and move forward even with fear they insist and persist, while the losers always use the same phrases "I'm not good at this", " I don't know how to do", "this is not for me".

Remember: Any time is perfect to start, so don't make excuses for procrastinating.

Get started even before you're ready!


Reality! Friend you really making a sense been said started before you are ready. People continue saying BTC is scam then but now is a great investment. Thanks greetings to you

Yes... even awkwardly, without form, it is necessary to start before being ready, and time is always the reason for everything.

Procrastination is one killer of time. It must be frowned at so we don't miss out on all of capabilities in time

Yes true. We must make better use of our time.

I have good examples in my mother's family that clearly show how procrastination and lack of willpower drain our lives and our best potential.
I'm writing something related to this, but my text isn't as clean and tidy as yours. Congratulations, it was really good.

That's true... Procrastinating just drains all of our energy, and only leads to failure.

Nothing kills dream much more than that act,to me it as a way of pegging someone down on a spot for a long period of time

If I have a dream I must fight to make it come true.

Let use a quick word as a way of giving my opinion on this...if you really want to be useless and be on a spot ,then choose to procrastinating,but if you want progress in life,put in place actions