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I hate to admit it but it's likely true that is defunct. There is probably a grace period with the registrar the site used but if @proofofbrainio didn't renew in time it's unlikely to be picked up soon.

There is as a replacement, which is great, but it lacks certain features the original site had, such as the NFT section. Fortunately OpenHive can help keep the POB NFT market going from now on.

Shortly before closed down I minted some NFTs in a collection. Then, I minted the last NFT ever to be minted on

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I minted the last NFT on solely to own it. I purchased edition #1 of the first NFT minted on by @calumam, so owning both the first and last NFTs minted on the site bookends that small slice of Hive history.

I believe I made an appropriate choice. I tokenized the 3D model of a Proof of Brain token I created back in 2021.

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Domain tools shows that someone renewed It is set to expire in 2025.

It is probably a domain speculator with hooks in at the web hoet.

PS: I was thinking of publishing NFTs. I was deciding between POB, PALnet and I went with HIVE meme as I was already approved for the market.

Thanks again


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It looks like @proofofbrainio may have renewed the domain during the grace period after all.

But was renewed and that site has been gone for weeks so might still be gone. I don't know.

Anyway, I can finally use this in a reply.😁

Thanks for using to mint your NFTs. Also thank you for putting them under Limited Production Rights.


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