Will POB Survive Proofofbrain.io?

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Edit: After posting this @friendlymoose replied and reminded me that @leprechaun is running proofofbrain.blog. It doesn't have the Outpost layout of proofofbrain.io but it works just as flawlessly. The POB NFTS can be accessed through https://tribaldex.com/openhive/collections/POB. So I guess not all is as lost as I originally thought.


I've been monitoring the proofofbrain.io domain WHOIS record and it's not looking promising. Unless the individual responsible for proofofbrain.io renews the domain within a day it will expire. Without a registered domain the proofofbrain.io site will likely vanish permanently.

Image Source: whois.com

Of course, the basics of POB will continue to exist on the Hive blockchain. Posts using the POB tribe tag(s) will still appear on other Web3 sites connected to the blockchain such as peakd.com. Users will still be able to post using the tags and curate content. The Proof of Brain Hive Mind community connected to proofofbrain.io will still exist.

I have POB staked in my accounts and my alternate @holovision.cash account is providing some liquidity to the three POB diesel pools on tribaldex.com. I think I'm just going to continue to hodl, whether or not POB has a front-end website. We may never see the price of one POB token equal to one SWAP.HIVE or above as it was when POB first launched. However, I am optimistic that POB could reach 0.1 SWAP.HIVE sooner or later.

The bell may toll for proofofbrain.io on February 25, 2024 at 21:22:16 GMT. After that who knows? If the @friendlymoose POBphotocontest rounds continue I will consider that a good sign that the POB community is remaining active.



It always has been a bit mysterious who is behind the POB community and the front-ends. There is another one which I think from @leprechaun because he promotes it in the comminity.


The owner of the community; @proofofbrainio was last active posting over a year ago.
I remember from the Discord channel that @scholaris was active on the project in the past, but got very busy.

But as you say, the community and the token will still exist after the domain name expires. From a abuse perspective it wouldn't be nice if the domain name would fall into wrong hands.

I have hardly used the proofofbrain front ends myself and about the POBphotocontest; I once started that to promote the community. I have a nice stake and generate some tokens which I can give away every week.
I will keep my contest running because I like the photocontest itself. When POB really is dead I might consider renaming my contest, but for now it's fine like this.

@richardcrill is also a large stakeholder, but hasn't been very active on Hive lately.

Oh, wow. Thanks for reminding me about proofofbrain.blog. I forgot about that. I like the Outpost layout better but I'll be visiting proofofbrain.blog after proofofbrain.io becomes defunct.

Thanks for catching this. The loss of a domain name has severely affected many other tribes. Many of the tribes never recovered.

Sometimes it is possible for people other than the primary domain holder to pay the renewal fee.

Sadly, since #POB plays such a pivotal role in the HIVE-O-Sphere the loss of this domain name is likely to have a detrimental effect on all of the coins in HIVE Engine.

This is the registration info from domain tools: https://whois.domaintools.com/proofofbrain.io


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@friendlymoose reminded me in a reply that proofofbrain.blog is an alterneative to proofofbrain.io.

I am still sad to see proofofbrain.io go. Someone spent a lot of BEE for Outpost and enabling NFTs.

Hey @holovision, here is a little bit of BEER from @yintercept for you. Enjoy it!

We love your support by voting @detlev.witness on HIVE .

Verify Your Brainium is also an alternative to proofofbrain.io

There is a chance that, if someone from Hive-Engine contacted ORANGEWEBSITE.COM and paid the bill, Orange Web Site would simply renew the domain and hosting.

Web hosts like money and are usually receiving money from anyone.

BTW: You have a great point about the need for alternatives.

IMHO, I think that Hive-Engine should have a tribal domain and should give a free subdomain to the different HIVE tribes. People can do all sorts of things with subdomains.

For example: The subdomains could URL forward to a TLD. If the TLD went silent; then the subdomain could go live and give the domain a home.

I wrote up the suggestion on my burn account


It looks like #pob stopped paying the reward, which means that they have both an expired domain and are breaking the contract.

It looks like POB is still being minted. The number isn't going bbrrr but every few minutes the numbers increase.