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I was a POB fan in the early stages. The POB price reached 1 Hive. That is one of the most expensive tokens for second layer blogging in Hive. Today, why does this token seem less attractive?

Pic : https://leofinance.io/posts/@proofofbrainio/introducing-proof-of-brain-token-pob-whitepaper

In my opinion, there are trending posts on the POB front end that do not help the token become popular. The curator of the POB whale does not think about that.
There are only a few posts that are trending based on POB topics. There were many contests based on POB themes. Those posts were trending on the POB front end, though they were not trending on Hive. Those were appreciations of the POB whales.

When I dropped by the POB front end today, I saw some posts that were too general and were trending. There are only a few posts talking about POB.
This is a criticism of POB whales and curators. I hope they will notice. When there are more authors who post about a token, it means free advertising. Why don't the token developers benefit from it by giving cool rewards to the authors?

I hope, the whales and curators think about returning the spirit of POB like in its early development. Everyone talks about POB. Finally, all members of Hive will be attracted to this front end and tokens. After that, it is time to reorganize contests based on themes. Don't forget to support the contest participants and initiators. All are free advertisements, if all curators and POB whales realize it. Thanks for reading, hope POB will return to glory.



Did you know that protons have mass?
I didn't even know they were catholic.

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