Random Digital Art 413

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Hello Hello Hello good afternoon everyone, how are you all today? I hoep you are doign great in this lovely day today. We have a few rain last night, but the weather is improving this afternoon. Lucky that the rain is not as bad as last year, so that we don't have much flooding.

I am back again with my random digital art series, and today this is my random digital art series number 413. And I made this art using two fractal element.

As usual I combined them in photoshop, add some background color and then also change the blending option to make the different version to of today's random digital art series.

It turns to be an alien head in a powerful galaxy around it. I hope you all like my work today, and see you again tomorrow. Cheers.

And here are the fractal elements that I use to make this random digital art series today. Both of these fractal element I made using aphophysis 7X application.

These are the application that I use to make this random digital art series, I might use on element from the following applications, or simply combine them all to make this art.

  1. Aphophysis 2.09 the older version where I first learn how to make fractal
  2. Aphophysis7X the newer version of the app to produce fractal art.
  3. Bomomo abstract application is a web based application to make abstract art.
  4. inkscape application, to make the vector art.
  5. Adobe photoshop to combine those element to make the final random digital art version.