Random Digital Art 415

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Hello everyone, how are you all today? I hope you are all doing great in this lovely day today and all of you are having fun.

I was really busy today, and I almost missed my posting day today since I failed to spend some time early int he mornign and the afternoon to make the art, and then also failed to spare the time to composed to post in my usual time of the day.

I am so lucky that I manage to make this art later time of the day today, yes I only manage to spare my time quite late in the evening, and then spend my time to compose the post.

Whish is nice so that at least I still could make the post and then keeping my posting streak going.

For today I only make two version, which I made using one fractal element, and then one basic shape in photoshop.

The funny thing is that I forgot to save the shape that I made in photoshop, so I only have the one from fractal element.

I hope you enjpy my work today, adn see you again tomorrow. Cheeers.

This is the fractal elemet that I use to make this art.

These are the application that I use to make this random digital art series, I might use on element from the following applications, or simply combine them all to make this art.

  1. Aphophysis 2.09 the older version where I first learn how to make fractal
  2. Aphophysis7X the newer version of the app to produce fractal art.
  3. Bomomo abstract application is a web based application to make abstract art.
  4. inkscape application, to make the vector art.
  5. Adobe photoshop to combine those element to make the final random digital art version.