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This week's POB photo challenge by @friendlymoose is WETNESS. You can see the RULES HERE

The contest ends next Sunday 8pm CEST.

This is a fun photo contest with a different theme each week. If you are not already following @friendlymoose you should, so that you don't miss out on this opportunity to win some POB tokens and some Ecency POINTS. Be sure and use the #pobphotocontest tag and POST into the Proof of Brain community.


The WETNESS photo I chose for my contest photo this week was taken in Charleston, South Carolina at the Riverfront Park splash fountain. I decided that photos of a water feature fit this week's theme.

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5% goes to @ecency
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gif by @doze


Some great water shots! Come summer I expect we'll all want nice cool water like that!

@melinda010100! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @thebighigg. (3/50)

DHEDGE command still not working?

I've noticed, I was hoping it would be working again by today and @taskmaster4450 doesn't have a discord site for support that I'm aware of.

Wrong Task! ... DHEDGE is @taskmanager.
I did send him a messege. Hope he sees it soon!

Thank you, didn't realize I had put the wrong one. Still doesn't seem to be working yet...

I've had no response from him, but that's not unusual. He works full time, and is raising 8 kids. Because all this is automated he may only check in when he has time to catch his breath!

These are beautiful photos and perfect fit for the topic.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!


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Without a doubt these shots go very well with this week's theme, what beautiful photographs, you have taken the shots very accurately dear friend @melinda010100
have a splendid day

Thanks bunches! 😘

Even though I had enough water for now (it has been raining in Germany for weeks!!!), very nice pictures, my friend! 👍


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Thanks so much! Wishing for some sunshine for you

Wow! This is the perfect Entry for this beautiful topic 😀

Oh good. I'm glad you think they work for this week's contest!

Yeah...have a good day mam 😄

Perfect pictures for this weeks theme.

Thanks! It's so good to see you here. I hope everything is OK?

Good morning my friend, yes everything is great here but so much is going on right now, all good stuff though. My daughter just had her first baby, a beautiful girl. We were in Florida for a month, just got back a few days ago.
Hoping to get back in the hive swing soon. Leaving again today for New Jersey to go to a basketball tournament to watch our grandson play and visit the rest of the clan.

Hope you are doing well, see ya soon.

Such a great theme and You always have a fun photo contest through such Contests. Really appreciated.

I'm glad you liked these!

How nice to discover the water fount as you saw the photos. I loved it.

Thanks so much! It is in a beautiful waterfront park in a historic city

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Thanks so much!

Oh my God!
The pictures look so beautiful
I love them!

Thanks for your delightful comment!

Nice! Water in action!

Thanks! Glad they work for this week!

Nice photos, good luck in the competition!

wow!! Amzing photos. Great entry. Best of luck

Thanks so much!