Houston, We Have a Problem

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I published my first post in Hive on February 21, 2021. When I checked, I saw that this post, which includes my sci-fi story called Seventh Sense, received 362 likes. Since then, I have published 150 posts in Hive.

It has been 11 months since I met Hive, and I tried to get to know the Hive ecosystem closely in the last 6 months when I focused entirely on producing content. However, things are moving so fast here that it is difficult to claim that I am aware of all the important projects in the Hive ecosystem. Just yesterday I noticed a project called @1up-cartel, which I think is extremely important. 1UP-Cartel is the Hive equivalent of Yield Guild Games, which has been very popular in the crypto world lately. 1UP-Cartel describes itself as “A Meta-Guild For Blockchain Games & HIVE Community Gamification”. The announcement of the project made a lot of noise a month ago, but it seems that I missed the announcement.

Although Hive was established to operate in the field of content creation and distribution, nowadays its mission has extended far beyond being a social media platform. It should also be noted that Hive has brought another dimension to blogging through its additional entities, called tribes. Tribes, which have their separate site and token such as Leo Finance, ProofofBrain, VYB, Cent, Stem, Archon, Neoxag, Oneup, help people with similar interests come together and earn extra income from the content they produce. In the meantime, we should not forget the 3speak application, where video content can be uploaded, and the SPK Network, which will be airdropped to the members of the Hive community.

Splinterlands has undoubtedly played an important role in the success of Hive in 2021. According to Dappradar data, Splinterlands is the most played Play-to-Earn game with 308 thousand users. Splinterlands has made Hive a key player in the Play-to-Earn category, creating a fantasy universe with DEFI components. Rabona, CryptoBrewmaster, Dcity, Ocean Planet, Rising Star, and Ape Mining Club are other games that come to mind. In the meantime, we should not forget the ambitious game projects like @Ragnarok, @PsyberX, and @Ehon, which are currently under development.

In the field of NFT, two important collections such as @hivepunks and @hivefolks have been launched in recent months. Last week, Proof of Brain tribe's punk project, Pobpunks, went on sale. Speaking of NFTs, I would like to give the web addresses of NFT projects realized on the Hive ecosystem: https://www.dlux.io/nfts/, https://tribaldex.com/openhive, https://punks.usehive.com/, https://nftshowroom.com/, and https://www.proofofbrain.io/nfts/ I'm proud to have at least one NFTs each, but I'm not sure the list reflects the whole picture, of course. (In-game NFTs, for example, are mostly available through their sites.)

In the field of DEFI, there are also many ambitious projects on Hive. In addition to https://leodex.io/ and https://tribaldex.com/ installed on Hive Engine, https://beeswap.dcity.io/swap was activated last year. Liquidity pools on Beeswap allow instant trading of Hive tokens at reasonable prices. Recently, I also became aware of the Bro, Utopis DEFI tokens.

The projects I mentioned above can be seen as proof of the incredible dynamism in Hive. The problem I mentioned in the title was that even having a general idea about Hive projects requires a great effort. I hope that it will be easier to update my information from now on that I am well aware of what is going on. (I'm not sure I can see the whole picture)

As a crypto investor and a member of the Hive community, it would be a shame to miss the investment opportunities that will arise in the platform where I produce content :)

Thank you for reading.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/b21Ty33CqVs


Makaleniz harika. Ben de hive platformunun varlığından haberdardı ama bir iki ay önce dönüş yaptım ve sürekli olarak içerik üretmeye başladım.

Bu postumuzdan da yeni bir şeyler öğrendim. Mesela kabileler ve tagları nelerdir. O kısmı ajandama hemen not ediyorum.

Nft konusu da ilgimi çekiyor. Bir taraftan içerik oluşturmaya devam ederken bir taraftan da hibe projelerini takip etmek güzel ve heyecanlı oluyor. Burayı gerçekten çok beğendim ve sevdim

Burası sevilmeyecek gibi değil. Oldukça dinamik bir ortam. Sürekli yeni projeler ortaya çıkıyor. Orta vadede bu projeler Hive'ın fiyatını olumlu etkileyecektir.

Genel amaçlı tribe tagları: Proofofbrain, VYB, Cent

Finans yazıları için: Leofinance

Oyunlar için: Oneup

I'm not sure who is behind the actual coding on Hive, but it would be lovely if there was a link in each Hive project (ideally consistently in the same location on each page) that took us to a searchable/filterable directory of all the projects in the ecosystem. Although there would need to be a mechanism to avoid any kind of gate-keeping or centralisation while at the same time weeding out anything blatantly fraudulent.

There may be a dedicated coding team for hive, as at a company. However, since Hive is decentralized, coding can come from any of us; all we need is either coding skills or the ability to learn to code for production.

Give Hive Projects a look. It may answer some questions you have, and it may surprise you what's in the pipeline.

Hive Projects currently shows 156 dApps which are either live or in some state of development. A couple of months ago it was at about 140, and in the summer it was as 130. Things are happening on Hive.

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The title intrigued me to read it and by doing so I've discovered just amazing projects produced on Hive. So where is the problem, Houston? ;))

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The title was to intrigue potantial readers :) Having that much projects in Hive is perfect. The 'problem' is, it is hard to track.

I noticed 1UP created a new $CARTEL Token, did you invest in any yet ?

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I have made a research but not invested in yet due to general market turbulence.

Hive is an incredibly diverse platform, almost to a fault. As you said, there are so many corners (tribes) that people tend to gravitate toward that it's hard to catch all the important stuff from all of them. The @leofinance team is making this all easier to keep up with with the latest updates to Hivestats. In the next updates I'm sure we will see the addition of the "Opportunities" tab which will present investment opportunities and ways to earn in the ecosystem. Keep an eye out and keep doing what you're doing.

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Thank you for sharing. The latest version of Hivestats looks promising.

I'm thinking we really need a site to keep track o all these new Dapps popping up. There's a whole ecosystem bein built here :)

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are the sources I use. Especially for the projects that have their own tokens, the Coingecko/Coinmarketcap style of information added to Tribaldex would be great.

@tipu curate

Just that there's alot in Hive to enjoy. What we need is to keep plugging in. Both NFT, gamification,Leo and others we will get it with patience.

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Hive's future will be even brighter. That's for sure.


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Your excellent article reminds me that I want to check out a few DeFi DEXs that I haven't used yet. Yes, Hive is diverse with lots going on.

Also thanks for the shoutout to hivepunks, but for anyone looking for the hivepunks account here on Hive, they are at @punksonhive.