Swimming Again

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Today I was lucky enough to get back into the pool and do some laps which was really cool. I have been wanting to get some swimming done for some time, but needed to motivate myself to get going again.

Whilst swimming I came upon a couple of characters though and wonder if anyone can relate to them. The first character that I encountered was a crazy woman doing the backstroke and throwing her arms all over the place.

She didn't care about where she was going and about other people trying to swim as she careered all over the place swimming. As I was doing my laps, I was looking ahead to go around her as you couldn't guess which direction she would go. After a while, I stopped for a short rest on the side and she managed to crater into me with her hands, not once, but twice. The second time she actually scratched me! I'm not sure if this is normal etiquette in swimming pools now, but I was quite startled!

My next encounter was with another lady I dubbed The Rocket. She was swimming pretty fast and getting her laps in and had the proper swimming technique. However, she didn't seem to care about any body else swimming around her.

Instead of swimming in the specified lanes for those wanting to swim really fast, she was out in the main pool and had no regard for anyone in her way and quite a few of us needed to jump out of the way as she hurtled toward us! A few times I was swimming behind her and as she flipped to come back, I needed to dive out of the way as she hurtled towards me.

When turning to swim back, if I noticed people swimming behind me, I would go to the left or right, but The Rocket was looking for a target.

So what started as a relaxing swim, turned into a fun obstacle course and reminded me why I like to do things as off-peak as possible in case you meet any crazy people.

The good thing about swimming is that it is supposed to be some good exercise for you and your arms particularly. We are still some way off, but I am looking forward to getting some swimming done in open air pools as it is more exhilarating. I am just cautious in case I encounter more people like The Rocket.

Thanks for reading.

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Swimming is a sport (one of the few I like, I have to admit). When I was still at school I trained and even competed a little in breaststroke. But that was forty years ago. I like swimming in the sea. 😎

I haven't swam too much in the sea recently, I'm worried about jelly fish.

Oh, really? But that's very rare :)

Yeah, I try to avoid the jellyfish.

Where I go to the sea, island Pag bay, I have not seen jellyfish in 20 years. But on the Slovenian coast - Piran, Portorož, Izola, I have seen a lot of them pretty often.

Yeah there were loads on the beach near Venice last year we were at.

I hope they didn't burn you 😎

Awesome swimming is great mate i was just thinking myself i need to get back to it also wishing you much success with it

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I guess the woman needs to learn the etiquette of swimming so she won’t go on scratching other people
I’m glad you were able to stretch your arm and I’m sure it was a lovely experience

Thanks, it was great to be back in the water.

I will be swimming today, we are forecast 34 degrees I need to cool off.

It sounds like a must with that temperature 🌡️ ☺️

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One of my fav sports asides from scuba diving. Not a fan of chlorinated pools. I like to stick to seas and oceans 😊

I know what you mean about chlorine, I still like to use pools though, preferably outdoor ones.


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It's best to use swimming pools where the water has just been replaced. 🤓 That way, you can avoid both contaminants and chlorine. 😎

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Yes, I do wonder how fresh the water can be.

hmmm you seem to be very focused on ladies while swimming :P. where are the crazy men

There weren't too many of us in the pool.

im just teasing u lol


O.O u going gym? getting muscles to show the ladies at the pool :P

Lol - sounds like you had a fun time at the pool ! I know what you mean though, especially if its a small pool, you spend a lot of time trying to avoid others.

yeah, it can be an obstacle course sometimes! lol

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That must've been quite a swimming experience lol. I think swimming is a wonderful exercise for the body, I usually try swimming in the sea, given that it's nearer to where I live :)

That appears to be a swimming fun timeout with side attractions. Ha a nice day.

Thanks, it was a fun recreation time.

Swimming is good exercise and I prefer doing it in the summertime once a week. Hope you enjoyed the swimming.

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Thanks, it was great to get back in the water. Even though it is still winter time, it wasn't so cold. Summer is the best of course!

The Rocket and The Backstroke Deathtrap, ha ha, sounds like an entertaining encounter!! Good on you getting back into the swimming. Funnily enough, I laced up my running shoes yesterday for the first time in over four years and did a 10Km run. I managed to do it in 49:51 too, which I was very happy about. I was unsure how my underlying fitness was, but it turns out that it's in decent shape, albeit my calf muscles are a bit tight this morning!

Nice work and thats a good time for your first time back! Getting out there initially is the hardest part. Looking forward to doing some running myself once it warms up a little.

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