The Road to Hamburg Hivebuzz Party Meetup

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The clock has started ticking towards my first Hive meetup and now that all the plans are in place I am abit nervous what to expect. Luckily the great guys in the Hivebuzz Party team have organised a great event that will be lots of fun to take part in Hamburg.

My travel and accomodation arrangements are now confirmed and the meetup is becoming more real for me. The clock is ticking as I noticed it is almost March already and it will soon be April.

It will be my first Hive meetup and I am looking forward to meeting some Hivers in real life and enjoy the backdrop of the Hansestadt. I have been to Hamburg before, but it was quite some time ago now and it will be nice to visit again.

At the event I will be giving a presentation about the great Ecency Dapp. As this is the main user interface that I use on Hive, it will be easy for me to talk about it! 😀 I think most of the audience will probably know it well, but it will be cool to remind them of some of the great features and community of Ecency.

I understand the tickets are all sold now, but you can still catch some parts of it with the live stream which will be cool.

I was recommended by a friend to check out the model train that they have in Hamburg, apparently it is supposed to be quite good. I will see if I manage to spot it while I am there.

The weather should pick up in April, so we should be lucky to get some good photo opportunities of all the Hamburg sights. I don't have too many photos from my last trip, so I am looking forward to this. I know that @ph1102 is an excellent Wednesday Walker, so I can get some photo tips from him.

I didn't meet any other Hivers IRL yet, so this will also be good fun to see how people are compared to their blog. I know a few people attending have been to previous Hive Meetups, so they will maybe know some attendees already.

At the moment there are a few cool projects going on on Hive, so this will also be a good chance to hear from others presentations and what they might be working on.

Big thanks to @reiseamateur who sent me the ticket and to all those organising the event. I know organising things is not an easy task.

Thanks for reading.

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Believe it or not, I will be eagerly awaiting your report. For the next meet-up, I hope to have a live-audio-video stream on Ecency Chat, aka Spaces :)

I will see if I can do a Live post from the event! haha 👍

Yes, but you need to stream somewhere, and give us a link to there :)

Wie geil! Wird sicher ein cooles Event und Hamburg ist natürlich grandios als Location. Ganz viel Spass und bin gespannt auf Deinen Bericht dann im April.

Ich freue mich sehr auf das Meetup und ja, Hamburg ist der Hammer!

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It must be so interesting to meet those people in real life whom you see on hive through their blogs.

Yes, it will be a lot of fun.

I wish you took a picture of the modern train you talked about in Hamburg
I also can’t wait to attend a Hive meetup someday
I’m very sure that it will be fun

Yes, I will try to take many photos. I hope you attend a meetup too.

I know that @ph1102 is an excellent Wednesday Walker, so I can get some photo tips from him.

Huh... I suck lately with my WednesdayWalk post as of doing the show on the same day and that takes all my attention... I will have to re-organize myself somehow as I liked doing them... Btw. in these meetups I completely forget to take photos... lol...

We will have a lot of fun in Hamburg, for sure!!! Can't wait to go there and meet some new folks and reconnect with all ones! :)

Yeah that could be hard to do both at the same time. I will try to remind you to take some photos whilst in Hamburg! 😅📸🤳

This sounds like a really exciting time. I wish we had more meet ups in the US, but I guess logistically it is probably pretty hard to pull off.

Yes, I can imagine it is harder in the US. I travel for 4/5hrs one way to go.

Depending on where you are going, 4 to 5 hours doesn't even get you out of my state! 4 to 5 hours doesn't seem unreasonable. I hope you have a blast!

That's quite a difference 😅. Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.

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That sounds like it should be a fun trip! I have not been to Germany in years, hopefully the weather will cooperate with some great photo taking! I've not made it to any meetups yet, but I hope to in the not too distant future.

Thanks, it looks like it will be a great trip and fingers crossed for some good weather. It will be cool to meet some other Hivers.

I really miss Europe. I'm going to have to plan a trip out that way soo, preferably when there are less tourists. Summer is horrible!

Yes, pre-summer is probably the best time, especially if you want to see some of the best sights.