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You can find a lot of awesome information about your ancient ancestors with this DNA kit on FamilyTreeDNA..

I learned that my Dad’s YDNA haplogroup is E1b1b1 … E-M35

Out of Africa.

Family Finder DNA kit Sale $59 …

Maybe we are cousins ?


This is where my ancient ancestors are from …


But also the same Haplogroup as Albert Einstein … E-M35 and the Wright Brothers …
And Saint Augustine …

More …




E-M215, also known as E1b1b and formerly E3b, is a major human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup. It is a division of the macro-haplogroup E-M96, which is defined by the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mutation M215. In other words, it is one of the major patrilineages of humanity, linking from father-to-son back to a common male-line ancestor ("Y-chromosomal Adam"). It is a subject of discussion and study in genetics as well as genetic genealogy, archaeology, and historical linguistics.

The E-M215 haplogroup has two ancient branches that contain all the known modern E-M215, E-M35 and E-M281 subclades. Of the latter two E-M215 subhaplogroups, the only branch that has been confirmed in a native population outside of Ethiopia is E-M35. E-M35 in turn has two known branches, E-V68 and E-Z827, which contain by far the majority of all modern E-M215 subclade bearers. The E-V257 and E-V68 subclades each respectively their highest frequencies in North Africa and the Horn of Africa, and also at lower percentages in parts of the Middle East and Europe, and in isolated populations of Southern Africa.


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