Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for December 23rd

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BeeSwap:: All In Adding Liquidity & Staking BXT - My Strategy by @gungunkrishu


If the BXT token performs well, then any of the strategies including investing in it will be good :)
At this moment, as you said, providing liquidity to SWAP.HIVE:BXT pool is a better option as it has a bigger APR than just staking... 168% divided with 2 is 84% for BXT tokens (as you are "staking half in SWAP.HIVE) compared to 58.88% for simple staking of BXT tokens... Also, relocating funds can be a good thing as it's like changing the focus and investing strategy... I'm doing something similar with my SL earnings...

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Unfortunately, we are living in a "state of CONSTANT fear" for over 2 years... I had similar situations in my life when there was a lot of fear on a social level, but it never lasted so long as now... People are scared and they are additionally bombarded with more fear through media...
That's very unhealthy for a person in a long term and I see a lot of psychological issues on a larger scale... I would say that this "collective fear" is even worse than just "personal" fear as it is fed not just inside, but also, outside from everyone from our surroundings...

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Splinterlands Reflection: Play, Rent or Flip? by @mhozilla


I believe it's good to keep track of your earnings in the game. I've been playing the game for more than 3 years. From my experience, the best to do in situations were prices go down is to increase your deck by buying cheap cards in order to play them. I believe that we will reach the cheapest prices a couple of weeks after the general sale of chaos starts. Once everybody opens their packs, they will drop a lot of cards on the market and prices will go down. That's a pretty good time to go shopping :-).

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HIVE OPEN MIC #89 - Merry Christmas!! by @ravenmus1c


Creepy nightmare Xmas music? Who's in?

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Thank you for the upvote and encouragement!

Oh wow thanks alot for picking our video!! :) Merry Christmas to you!!

You are most welcome! Merry Christmas to you, too!


Thank you so much for finding my post awesome and interesting @ourpick @Liotes

You are welcome! Keep on creating awesome content!


I'm switching to PIMP "front end" for this curation ~ As VIBES Token can't be CLAIMED for many days now, I can see no point in using it at the moment.

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Yeah, I have noticed that too... It sucks... MusicForLife was a very promising project and it's a pity that it's abandoned...


Yes, i absolutely agree, very sad indeed 😔
Especially as I was one of the very earliest supporters of the Tribe.


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Cool contents there are there. Merry CHristmas to the Liotes team!

Thank you very much! Wish you the best, my friend!
Merry Christmas!



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