Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for December 24th

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Photography Lovers End of Year Contest 🤙🤙 by @vcclothing


What great photos you have here!!! And even better memories from this year!
Wish you an even better one in 2022 and more great adventures!

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Why You Should Keep Up With Crypto Trends by @valchiz


As the "old saying" says: Trend is your friend and I completely agree with that... It's worth saying that seeing something "trending" is to follow its growth and do the research... It's not 1 tweet saying XYZ token is the best, go buy it!
It's different sources with different information about the same token/project...

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Rental reevaluation after reduction in Rated battle payouts by @ijat


That's an interesting analysis. I believe that the price collapse affects not only card value but also DEC value and that's probably the reason why your income can't cover the expenses. In my opinion in such situations it's maybe better to use your money to actually purchase the cards. They are cheap as never before 🙂

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HIVE OPEN MIC #89: ONE LOVE || BOB MARLEY Covered by DrAySax by @draysax


It is always a pleasure to listen to your and your amazing playing and improvisation. I also like the takes.

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Thank you very much for the mention 🙂
Great posts everyone!!

You are welcome! I have enjoyed your photographs!

Thanks for highlighting my article. There are so many different projects and groups on hive that I don't know about.

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Christmas Puppy

You are welcome! Keep on creating awesome content!


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Nice selections, enjoy some #CENT for your curation effort √

∑ !LUV

Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it!


Awesome choices, thanks for sharing √


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I'm reading a book called Anti-climax.
The first part was good.

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Thanks, man for your support! Appreciate it!
Merry Christmas!

Those photographs by @vcclothing are simply hot. Amazing!

Yes, they are awesome! It was an easy pick for this post! :)