Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for December 27th

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The OurPick encouragement program is the part of the @Liotes ecosystem where quality posts are curated and authors are encouraged to continue with the content creation adding value to specific communities, and Hive in general...

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Occasionally, we will pick a couple of awesome posts that we find interesting and will suggest them for your further reading... We hope that it will help authors as an additional promotion... We support creators with our upvotes in Hive, but also in other tribe tokens! These Hive-Engine tribes give additional value to the whole ecosystem and help authors and curators to follow their niches and dreams...

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HIVE could have another good year in 2022 by @drutter


I'm usually very, very conservative with these "price predictions", but at the moment, I can't invent any bad scenario for HIVE as there is development on the chain more than ever before! Splinterlands is killing, the LEO Finance team is creating great use cases for their token, connected with HIVE, and the future looks (finally) bright... If we get to those $10 at the end of the next year, that would be awesome for all HIVE HODLers...

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2021 Christmas Highlights by @dora381


Maybe you didn't celebrate Christmas in Vietnam, but it looks that you caught up this year by celebrating multiple times! Great to see happy faces in your photos! It looks that it was great fun!

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Hive open mic #90||my original music instruments @aryaz by @aryaz


A mystical and magical original song coming from @arayaz

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Walkthrough of My HashKings Process -or- 'I'm No Baron' by @proto26


Hashkings is one of the few games on HIVE that I don't play... But, from your post, it looks like a lot of fun... Maybe I should consider playing it? Is it too late to start?

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That is really cool as I continue to deep dive more and more it seems several names/groups recur quite often. I can't wait to unravel more and more of the Liotes project and many others here on hive. What are some of the main articles you'd recommend I read.

Huh... There are many great posts outside, but if you are a beginner, definitely search for tutorials of all kinds, explanations of how things work, etc... Don't chase people that are "predicting" stuff... Instead of that research and learn how things are working...
Occasionally, we create tutorial posts on the @liotes account... I was doing some tutorials on my personal account, but lately, I'm stuck with free time... lol
Of course, follow the @Ourpick account as we are trying to add a useful posts here every day... ;)

Yeah I spend a great deal of time looking up various things. Does delegating to liotes curator manually work as well? My hivesigner doesn't work well so I use keychain for everything. Also can you link to post that says benefit for delegation? Cause I notice you guys wrote a post delegating 250 to utopis currently they are my only 100 hp delegation, but since renting I want to try finding 3 groups to delegate my 300 hp. That would make an interesting article imo to do that and track a month roi of each.

Does delegating to liotes curator manually work as well?

Yes, it works... You don't have to delegate rounded numbers and those links were just an example for easier delegating... So, you can delegate ANY amount to @liotes.voter and you will receive daily dividends in LEN tokens... Currently, the APY is around 10.5% (we take the middle price of LEN tokens) as HIVE curation rewards APY is under 10%, so we compensate the difference with our tribe tokens earnings...

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I want to try finding 3 groups to delegate my 300 hp. That would make an interesting article imo to do that and track a month roi of each.

I like that idea!


Hmm I'll just test it already sent over 100 hp delegation for a month just to compare it with some others. I'm still a bit new so not sure how the returns will differ as some send daily some weekly. I'm curious to see where it all ends up month over month

Thanks for the delegation! You can easily follow payments from @liotes.voter as you will receive them daily, in LEN tokens... How will you exchange them and compare them with others, it's on you :)


Ah okay so the delegation here we receive in Len tokens instead of hive? Well I suppose I can see what the difference is between this and delegating to utopis is as I think they also pay out in utopis vs hive. Is there a roadmap to len tokens?

Yes, in LEN tokens... you have probably received the first payment today...
Regarding the roadmap, we didn't prepare the new one for 2022, but you can always check our whitepaper on https://liotes.com/

In a nutshell, the whole of our project is based on giving value to the LEN tokens and that will be our top priority in 2022...

The freshest thing is the diesel pool that we launched last week... If you want to be informed about Liotes, I would suggest following our official blog @liotes



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Hello! It's definitely not too late to start playing Hashkings! There are some very cheap plots of land in South America for about 3.75 SWAP.HIVE each last I checked. Get one or two and maybe try planting some seeds? (Panama Red or Columbian Gold should are what you're looking for if you intend to go this route!)

Thanks for that info I'll add that to my list of games to check out. Do you have a good article to check out in best way to start I have 10-20 Hive I could possibly try out with. Splinterlands and rising star already take up a good bit of what I am trying out atm.

Hmm. There's no one tell-all article I've seen or heard about lately. I don't know if one exists. But I can point you to the direction of the discord. There's plenty of more knowledgeable people there.


Thanks for sharing that insight info, I will check it out when I catch some free time! The game looks very cool... ;)

Awesome choices indeed √

Thanks for checking out the posts! And thanks for !LUV tokens :)

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