Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for February 16th

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"Nido del Águila" Natural Spa. Mina Clavero, Córdoba, Argentina 🇦🇷 (20 Pics) [ENG/ESP] by @dimascastillo90


This looks like a lovely place to hike and even cool down when you have decent weather! Thanks for sharing.

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My dad's birthday in pandemic | TBT [ENG-ESP] by @davidpena21


There are very interesting stories from 2020 with so many quarantined birthdays hahaha, and after meeting so many I realize that you guys were very lucky, as you were physically and mentally healthy. I say this because even though I was with my girl locked up at home, the one who organized her birthday also lived in the dorm, and I never understood why she did that because there were more distancing rules there than on the street hahaha... So yes, it's not just about being healthy physically, but also of the mind 😅 This post is wonderful David, I don't think anyone will forget that time in our lives. Thank you for constantly participating in #tbt Thursdays.

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The real St Valentine is in Ireland by @niallon11


I didn't know about the origin of St Valentine. I've learned something today :-). Thanks for sharing!

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HiveOpenMic 201 - "Soul" - by @nahupuku - 2024 by @nahupuku


Always wonderful in innovation, and when you are in good company they become an unstoppable duo. Congratulations my people, what a great job you have shared here!

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Escher museum in the palace, The Hague by @friendlymoose


When I was at HiveFest2022 in Amsterdam, I was sleeping over at a friend's house in the Hague... And the only day when I wasn't in Amsterdam, he wanted to show me the city, and it was raining like crazy! 😂 So, he was driving around the city and I couldn't see too many things at all... So, thanks for sharing your visit to the Escher Museum!

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Rongbuk Monastery has a spectacular location on the roof of the world (Tibet) by @digi-me


It looks so peaceful inside and outside the monastery! Beautiful photos!
Thanks for sharing!

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Good intentions are not enough by @fotostef


hahahahah... Interesting story with not a good end for the boss... It's probably an even bigger disappointment when you think it's yours, and in the end, it's not... 😔
Love those anemones! They have such a beautiful color!

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