Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for February 19th

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A weekend trip to the museum followed by dinner by @hoosie


That looks like a lovely weekend seeing the museum and Murrayfield. I hope the food was also good.

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A walk up Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) by @revisesociology


Great work climbing Snowdon. Do you take on ‎Scafell Pike next? My attempt at doing the 3peaks challenge was twarted many years ago when there was flooding the weekend we planned to climb.

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Focus on Your Most Profitable Products by @alex-rourke


Ohhh... So that's how the Infinite Waters guy is doing his videos! 😃 I was wondering how he can do live videos while he is talking, switching cameras, changing the visuals, etc... And I can't talk and read at the same time... lol... 😂
Nice setup and having a gig that paid out the investment is awesome! Every next gig is a profit! Good job!

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(ENG-SPA) Torta de frijoles para el cumpleaños de mi papá en la semana del amor. ♥️✨🎂// Bean cake for my dad's birthday during the week of love. ♥️✨🎂 by @oddajosefi


I still can't get out of my shock with this bean cake, I had to read several times and see the pictures over and over again because I can't believe there was such a cake hahahahaha... Beyond the fact the post you share is amazing and eye-catching, congratulations on a good job 😉

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HiveOpenMic 202 - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (Green Day Drumcover) - by @nahupuku - 2024 by @nahupuku


It's a great story you've added to the catalog starting today at the Hive Open Mic. This is one of my favorite songs ever, and that's because Green Day was never one of my favorite bands, but how can you not love Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Very good your cover on drums brother 🤘

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Faucets, the Initial Mass Crypto Distribution Method by @gadrian


The faucet time was the wild west of crypto. It was great for a time and I enjoyed running my faucets and coming up with ideas how to increase my income from them. I remember there was a time when I claimed 3000 satoshis every hour from one faucet. I actually still claim from one faucet or two mainly because I have a lot of referrals there.

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You are welcome! Keep creating great posts!