Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for February 20th

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Occasionally, we will pick a couple of awesome posts that we find interesting and will suggest them for your further reading... We hope that it will help authors as an additional promotion... We support creators with our upvotes in Hive, but also in other tribe tokens! These Hive-Engine tribes give additional value to the whole ecosystem and help authors and curators follow their niches and dreams...

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Hamburg Alter Elbtunnel by @eddwood


What a remarkable feat of engineering. It is amazing what marvels were built in the past and today we just get blocks of beton in the minimalist style. Hopefully, I can see some of the great sights of Hamburg in a couple of months too.

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Tutorial: How to create containers to bring any scene from films and series to Leo by @coyotelation


Very interesting tutorial! That's a nice feature that comes with premium for Leo.

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ALT season on the horizon? #TOTAL2 #SPS by @digi-me


The crypto market cap is climbing so we could be close to something. A 40x sounds crazy, but anything could happen!

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Hive Open Mic Week 202 - Historia de un Amor / Cover by @karlex77 by @karlex77


Greetings brother!, I think this has been one of your best interpretations, or maybe I'm just saying that because I love your basses and here they look elegant, congratulations, you have really done very well and it is a song very much in keeping with our weekly theme, bravo!!!!

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Thanks for mention me. !PGM

You are welcome!

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@ourpick! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @hivecurious. (5/20)

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Thank you very much for your support! I'm very happy to have a project of this level so that more people can reach our articles.

I wish you success on your journey! To the next!

Thank you very much for the Ecency points.

You are most welcome! It's always a pleasure to share good content with others!

Thanks friend!

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. 🤗

You are welcome! Keep creating great content!

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It doesn't matter if my wife tells me I'm not mature
I'm not going to let her enter my tree house without the right password

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