Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for February 23rd

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My graduation trip: Camping in Tigre, Buenos Aires! by @elbuhito


How strange were the lyrics of that song hahahahaha... Thanks for sharing once again on #tbt Thursdays. I have never had a camping experience myself, I used to find it exciting, but nowadays I don't know if I would dare. These people played their part in your life back then and I'm glad you remember that time so fondly. How nice that you have preserved all these photos with such good quality, they were meant to be shared on Throwback Thursday in 2024 hehe. It's a pleasure to read you feathered friend!

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Remembering the lighting of my first fireplace 🥶 Recordando el encendido de mi primera chimenea by @soyunasantacruz


Hi, I'm happy to see you here, welcome to #TbtThursdays! I see that you have understood very well the dynamics of the community, and I know you must have many memories to share. I myself have hundreds of folders that I never published on my social networks for various reasons but I always show them with great pride to my guests, especially because each of those images or videos has a great story behind them. Just today I was very inspired to write my own post and make my reflection. I've never been to Merida, but if life allows me one day I hope there will be a chimney, I must be terrible with those things, but that's the beauty of the adventure 😉 Thanks for inviting more friends to participate, I hope to continue counting on your presence every time you have a memory to recall. You can also record short videos where you tell us about your experiences of yesteryear, and make the dynamic more fun and interesting, Happy Thursday!

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Esto puede ser el inicio de una colección… | This could be the beginning of a collection... by @hanselmusic


I have checked a couple of these instrument collections that people have shared here on HIVE and it looks like guitars are a big favorite of many... And it's also interesting that almost everyone has memories connected to each instrument like you have with yours! It's amazing how music spreads good vibes even when it's not playing... 🙂

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The Underestimated Doctor Blight | Oh Why Scarce In Battle by @valchiz


There are so many cards in the game but there are some cards that are just a tick more useful than the average and I believe that Dr. Blight is definitely one of them

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Is it Too Late To Buy (More) Crypto or Sell in May & Go Away by @whywhy


I am really looking forward to seeing how the next few months play out and whether will we get a dip. ETH ETF approved, go away in May!! Money Printer go BRRRR... exciting times! Bags packed, let's go!!!

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