Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for February 26th

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A Collector Raised by Collectors — Collecting All Sorts of Things! by @denmarkguy


Where have you been for so long? 😃 As I can see from your first post in this community, this will be a long friendship as you have a lot of things to share here! From stamps, through art, pottery, coins, stones, etc.
My father was collecting stamps in the 1970s, and when my sister and I grew up, we took over that "hobby", but this what you said is so true:
"My dad thought it was a great idea because it was a way for me to learn about geography, history and the cultures of many different corners of the world."
It's amazing how many details about some country/person can fit into those small stamps... And you can learn a lot from them!

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Mindsets by @gadrian


I think it is best to get those solid 10x projects in the bag and if you are lucky and get a 100x, that's all good. But taking those 10x profits is what will build a solid foundation.

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💪¡EL CAMINO DE LOS ESTÁTICOS!🤸‍♂️ [ES | EN] (Without Limits SW) by @atlashv96


Brother, I love that you do an analysis of your progress and share it in the community, it is indeed good to know that you feel ready to move to the next level. You are very dedicated in your training and you understand that everything is achieved by building the foundations firmly, congratulations, this is one of the best posts I have read today 💪

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Luis Alberto Spinetta - Jardín de gente / Garden of people. Cover by @naradamoon [ENG/ESP] by @naradamoon


For some heavenly reason I have realized that I have been listening to your music for several weeks, but I tell you that it is very pleasing that you brighten up my Sunday afternoons. I listen to the harmony in certain parts of the song and I conclude that it is one of those that are not easy and that not everyone can interpret it successfully, but to you, it comes out heavenly. I didn't know this piece of music, so the gratitude is double. Happy beginning of the week Gopal! ✌️

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Friends and books by @mdrguez


Reading these lines, I wondered who was traveling there... You or your daughter? 😃 She was standing, walking all day, and you got exhausted... 😜 Just kidding, of course... Our son is 17, and this year he went to completely another country, by plane, with his friends (okay, they had adult supervision, but without us, parents), and it was exhausting too... :)

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Wow, thank you for the highlight! I am glad the work I do is noticed, as I always try to bring up something different on the platform.

You are welcome! Keep creating great content!

Ecency points rewards are sent out! Thanks for creating excellent content!


Writing my post I remembered your son's trip...and I laughed thinking if I would have been in your place...I laughed to keep from crying!!!! 😬😂🤣

Thank you for appreciating and supporting my content.

Hahahaha... I can imagine you in my shoes...
You would look like this... 😂


Surely yes!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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