Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for January 10th

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BITCOIN, guess what "they" are doing by @toofasteddie


Yeah, it's not really hard to guess where the "smart money" goes when we have dips... I think that the main problem that people "don't see", is that whales do DON'T look at the charts to pick a spot to buy or sell the asset, they CREATE charts! That's a huge difference and very important for small investors...
IMO, that head and shoulders pattern screams a huge BUY signal if the price starts to fall down, and I have a feeling that that possible dip will last only a couple of minutes and we will see a huge wick and shoot to the stars... :)
In "hard days", I always like to remind myself that BTC fundamentals are still the same, so nothing changed... ;)

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I like to watch "weird movies" and The French Dispatch is definitely one of the weird ones... lol... With the split in separate stories, it reminded me of Pulp Fiction, but maybe even more to Four Rooms, and both of them are my favorites... :)
My favorite story was the one with the crazy prison artist as it perfectly shows the state of our society at this very moment!

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The Price is Set by the Traders ... not the hodlers by @yintercept


Unfortunately, many tribe owners have no knowledge about the economy, and good tokenomics are very, very important for the longevity of the tribe... Yes, it's nice to ride the wave for the first days/weeks of the tribe, but after that, the balloon loses air and it goes down without brakes... There are exceptions from this "rule" and you have pointed one of them (CENT) and I would add just another one, the LEO token...
So, it's nice to "support" tribes and I was doing the same (and still doing for some), but sometimes, you can't save a thing that even owners have dumped and forgotten...

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Splinterlands Needs Skill Modes! (Suggestions) by @costanza


That's a very interesting suggestion. When you take away the upgrading of buildings in brawls, they give an image of how good your skills are because you play against people who have the same limitations of level. On the other hand there still are differences in cards even in these games. In tradtitional games, there are such skill modes where people have a selection of cards that are identical for both players. The one who makes the best line up with that, wins the game. I believe this would be quite cool and a way to level the playfield for everybody. It could be a tournament style for example.

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