Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for January 12th

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That's a very interesting analysis. A lot of new players started the game and only saw that they could progress in the game renting cards. Renting allows you maybe to make a short time profit but it depends a lot on the rewards that you can generate. By owning the cards you can actually build your deck. If you own an upgraded summoner, you will be able also to play upgraded cards and little by little the quality of your cards will increase. In my opinion that's the way to go. It's what I have been doing for more than 3 years lol

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The ideal version of success ! by @clixmoney


Thanks for sharing your point of view of success! Success is not just money, success is not just health, it's not just relations, it's all that together and much more... Finding the perfect balance in life with yourself, others, and surroundings is something that we should aim for...

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BlauDisS - revelation [making of organic electronic] by @bertimismaximus


Sounds absolutely beautiful!!! Wow, just love those very deep and low notes the cellist, Jiro plays, excellent vibrato also! And the top-notch saxophone playing is nothing less outstanding :))

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The More You Do, The More You Can Do by @bagofincome


Short and sweet message! The easiest way to test this and see that it's work is when you are back at work after vacation... :)
This year, I had a very long vacation that lasted over 1 month... When I come back to my work (from home, self-employed), I couldn't do half of the things that I was doing on daily basis... But, I have started slowly, adding 1 new task every next day, and after 2-3 weeks, I was back... ;)

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Thank you so much for supporting my music! Much <3

You are welcome! Keep on doing it and sharing it with us!


aye my first pizza gift ever! Thank you @ph1102 !!! Really appreciate it!

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Thanks for picking my post, I'm really grateful!

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