Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for January 13th

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Spice Finch - Spice up your life!.. My own wildlife clicks, species info and thought by @vm2904


Wow! Those are spectacular photos! It's hard to take photos of "still" animals, like cats or dogs, but I can imagine how these small devils are jumping all around... lol...
Thanks for sharing!

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Tackling Overpriced Homes With Changes To Lending by @doitvoluntarily


Mid-class, that was the majority in "western countries" are disappearing and they were the "locomotive" for the economic growth, including real-estate markets... But, as you said, it looks that soon, only the wealthiest will be able to afford real-estates, and all the rest will live or be in rented homes, trailers, or on the streets...
It looks bad atm and I hope that that will not happen, but if we continue in the current direction...

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Splinterlands - My Plans For Part 3 Chaos Packs General Sales by @mawit07


I am personally leaning toward purchasing the individual cards rather than buy packs
From my experiences with beta and untamed packs, when buying the packs you get a lot of unwanted cards and a big mess in your deck lol. Just the time necessary to sort out all the cards that you want to keep, upgrade, sell or rent is discouraging me from buying packs. I prefer to buy the cards that I really want from the market. In addition, if I do that cleverly with bids on peakmonsters for example, it gets probably cheaper.

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Our Goals Need Our Growth ~ No Growth, No Goal!! by @evegrace


Personally, I'm doing #MyHiveGoals for the third year in a row now... I have found them very useful in many ways, but mostly for keeping me focused and motivated to GROW further... If my account grows, I'm growing too, and not just that, I can GIVE more to others! In that way, they can grow too, be inspired and motivated to do the same...
That's the "magic" of HIVE!

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@ourpick Thank you for the shout out. It is an honor to be featured.

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Thanks for sharing your awesome post on HIVE! Keep on creating!


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