Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for January 14th

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Republic of Palau Serious on Cryptocurrency by @boscohage


I'm not a big fan of Ripple, but any positive news about cryptocurrency adoption is welcomed! It's nice to see these small countries that are not just heaven for living, but also crypto-heavens! :)

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In depth play to earn tutorials ZBC, Splinterlands, Beast Gardens, & more + NFT airdrop (1st of 3) by @chubb149


What a post full of useful information :-). There are some new games that I haven't even heard about.

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Oh, on the mountain, the reapers are reaping — Ukrainian Cossack song on Bandura by @gulia.peito


How nice to bring old traditional songs on bandura, sounds really cool! Time travelling into past 🙂

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Coffee Curation: No. 29 by @cinnccf


What a gorgeous compilation of coffee posts! I don't drink coffee, but I can smell it from these awesome photos and posts! Good job, curators!!

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Thank you for this highlight!😊

You are welcome! Keep on curating!


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😊🤗 Thanks for the compliment I feel the luv:)


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