Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for January 3rd

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Without Struggles Success has no Values..... by @nainaztengra


I agree with you that struggle can't be the "measure" of success, but I do think that sometimes we do remember the hard times and because we pushed through, value things more... Yes, HIVE is a nice example of how you can do things that you like and love, and earn in the meantime, but even here we had uncertain times as a community, but also on a personal level...
But, again, it's not all about the struggle... If you struggle all the time, you should change your job and do something else... ;)
Thanks for sharing this interesting point of view!

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Another Two Polkadot Crowdloan Contenders! by @bengy


I still have some hopes regarding DeFi as there are some new innovations in that space and we have moved a lot from the starting point that you have mentioned (Uniswap, Compound)... But, on the other side, I agree with you about the quantity of those projects... Most of them are just copy/paste without any additional value...
Regarding Phala and privacy coins, that could be a hot topic this year as I do expect even more pressure from governments around the world on crypto... Monero has paved the road for many others, but there is a lot of space for improvements...

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Samsung, creating tech competition - How this will impact the crypto industry by @badbitch


I think that Samsung has learned from the past and companies that have been died because they didn't follow the trend... Being a pioneer, adding uncertain things to your products can be risky, but not adapting to the current trends can be much more dangerous...
Obviously, they know that and that's why we can see them embracing crypto on their phones and TVs...

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#45 - One Quick Tip To Save Rentals Using PeakMonsters by @relf87


When renting cards, we take a kind of gamble that we will earn more with the game than we pay for rental fees. Therefore it's very important to keep our costs as low as possible at any time. This tool is a perfect example how we can do that. Thanks for sharing!

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A reply to #pick1

Most times people who struggle with something never comes our success in that aspect of life. The journey to success is not always straight but when one struggles with the spots that comes easy for others, what would happen when the going gets more difficult?

Let us tag @nainaztengra so maybe we will get a direct answer from the author... :)

Doing a job that is constantly struggling isn't a way to success, but I do agree that at a certain moment we have to have some difficulties that we have to override... ;)

Thanks for checking the post!

Thank you, I totally agree that struggle isn’t the measure for success, I would like to sight an example, something I saw and experienced. But I would be free to put it in details in a post, I will work towards it