Water Lilly flower || The experience of eating the first water lily of the year

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Water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh. Every year during the rainy season, a large number of water lilies bloom in the canals, rivers, canals, haor baors and low water lands of Bangladesh. Especially in the morning, when we look at the low water land, we can see a lot of water lilies. Which carries the beauty of Ruposhi Bengal.



It is rainy season in Bangladesh now. Rainwater has begun to seep into crop lands, as well as rivers, canals and beel ponds. During this time, there are scenes of water lilies growing, as well as a few water lilies floating in the water.

In most of the rural areas of Bangladesh, water lilies bloom in the water bodies. This scene of water lily blossoming in the morning enhances the beauty of Bangladesh several times. In the morning many people are seen picking water lilies. Although the time has not yet come for the water lilies to bloom, there are still some water lilies blooming in the fresh water.



And after a few days, many new water lilies will grow from the roots of the water lily tree. Especially in the rainy season, when the water starts receding, we see a lot of water lilies blooming in rivers, canals, beels and ponds. Then many people collect water lilies from there and take them to sell in the market and many others take them to eat. Water Lilly flowers are very beautiful to look at and the water lily flower tree is very tasty to get as a curry or vegetable so there is a lot of demand in the market.

However yesterday afternoon when me and a few of my uncles were sitting on the culvert on the street talking about different things, one of my cousins ​​was going downstairs to collect water lilies by boat. Then one of us saw this water lily and asked for water lily from my cousin brother and he gave three piece of water lily to the three of us. It was good to eat . Because the feeling of eating the first water lily of the year is different. Moreover, I ate water lily a long time ago. It is quite delicious to eat. In particular, the lower part of the water lily, which is as long as a rope, was eaten by the skins inside body. I like to eat it. So I had a good time eating yesterday. However, two children came in front of me during the eating time and they told me to give us a little share and we would eat too! I ate a small portion and gave the rest to them. Anyway the experience of eating the first water lily of the year seemed pretty good to me.

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