Army of the Dead (2021) Movie

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In a zombie apocalypse everything is possible, the survival instinct would unveil incredible skills in people but it would also bring the worst forms of reasoning, and when a new movie is released on zombies one would expect a great innovative story that attracts us to the Final, because if people still live after dead then nothing would seem irrational.

But pitifully nothing of what I said before happens, and from the billions of zombies movies that exist (or well, at least of which I have seen) there is no one that differentiates something from the other, the plot is It has become so predictable that now I have fun more to guess what is about to happen than the film itself itself.

That is why, when I began to see 'The Army of the Dead' , I felt a little predisposed but still wished that this time something different and can enjoy it even a bit. And that made me think the first minutes of the movie, when they show that these zombies were strong, powerful, fast, with flash of fighting until killing and not just eating, because they were created as weapons of war and not as a biological weapon massive destruction.

Then, in one way of opening, as if a series were treated, they presented us with a little black humor to which the main characters would be, as brave invincible warriors, magnificent fighters saving lives, with a satirical air very similar to that of The series "The Boys" that made me believe that this would be a good movie, but it was too good to be true.

And with an entrance like that, the imagination only reached them to send their rudes and brave fighters back to the wolf's mouth to steal a vault for a few million dollars, really? The world is over and they are going to look for money.

Personally, I think this movie had a lot of potential even to get a saga or to leave it as the first chapter of an extensive series of suspense / terror, but you can no longer because they also killed almost all and more emotional characters. The Cinematography is magnificent and the zombie tiger as well, the wonderful performances.