A Bumper harvest after 2years through vexPolyCUB

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Definitely it's gonna rain great after the wait and patience is over as the return of investment enlarges ones wallet . But the wallet is meant for those that believe on the future of VexpolyCUB and made hares while the sun shines.

To the only community on Hive Blockchain that has lions, it's your friend @chizobe saying good morning from this part of the world. May what our hands touch be blessed.

Having the spirit of investment is what differentiates the rich and the poor,not just an investment but rather an investment with great future. Allowing opportunities to sly as a result of doubt and kinds of unbelief keeps one at a stagnant state owing to the fact that the real process of change which starts with the mind has not been done.

Looking at the newest investment on town brought to us by the leofinance community is one that delights the heart not only because of the return of investment but because it has a future and is to be trusted still. The making of this step now is one making hares while the sun shines in preparation for the bumper harvest imminent.

The Reason Why it is a Bumper harvest

Verily it is a Bumper harvest I would say when the analysis of the procedures is been carried out and also the long term stubbing block to somewhat project like that which wasn't successful and was raised as a question then the answers given clarified the doubt making the road to it swift and believing to invest in.

The Return of Investment
Yes this is but another clarification showing that is yet another bumper harvest. The locking of xpolyCUB to vexPolyCUB with the APY 20% and the remaining percent being dealt with on how it's been added making it after sorts of subtraction and addition is already a proven way to show the joy in it.

The Higher the stake, the larger the goodybag
Yes it is true,it can't be compared if Mr A staked 3000vexpolyCUB whereas Mr B staked 8000vexpolyCUB. The reward aren't gonna be the same because the margin has already been drawn on the amount invested. This is applicable here that the bags with the largest content after these two years are the ones that increased their stake.

vexPolyCUB is a great opportunity for a goodybag,let's embrace it with a wide open arms.

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