My July 2022 LPUD and CENT:LEO Liquidity Shares

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This is my entry for the @leogrowth July 2022 LPUD challenge. I participated last month. Maybe my luck will be better this time and I will win a delegation.

I started today's LPUD with 15,200 LEO staked to and staked an additional 200 LEO (transaction on to that today raising my staked LEO to 15,400.

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Of course I did not power down my LEO during the last month. Virtually all my tokens staked to are being staked for the long term. It's just easier to invest and accumulate now.

Image source for meme: Back to the Future

I do have some emergency LEO reserve in the CENT:LEO liquidity pool. Currently I am providing over 6% of the pool's liquidity.

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It's a small bit of daily passive income. I also get a share of fees earned from exchange trades. Even smaller passive income but in the future volume might be greater. In the meantime I reinvest my earnings and let it build upon itself.

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