Back on Track .:. #MyHiveGoals 2022 Edition!

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Many people have said in the comment section that they like these #MyHiveGoals posts and that they will/should do the same... I know that some of you are doing it and it's nice to see that it works for you, too! But many don't do it because of the fear of failing... Everyone has a different point of view and different "resources", so picking up YOUR goals is a very personal thing... You should know the best your "capacity" and according to that, create YOUR goals... They shouldn't be too easy, as it can bore you, but also, they shouldn't be too hard either, as it can demotivate you!

I said many times that it helps me a lot to keep my focus and motivation on the goals that I have created at the beginning of the year... When I have done that, I have made calculations of how many tokens (or assets) I could get every month/week/day and wrote that down... As you have noticed, I have missed some of the numbers and already met my yearly goals after just 6 months, but it could develop differently...

The same goes for my main, HivePower goal... There is no chance that I could reach my ORCA rank goal if the price of HIVE stayed around $1, or even went up... But, I was counting on the market volatility and the possibility that the price will go down, and I could jump in and buy some tokens...

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Now, when I have already reached my SPS tokens goal and am very close to finishing my Rising Star cards goal, I can move focus to the Hive Power goal even more... When the price of HIVE was up, I couldn't get enough tokens every month to keep the pace with my yearly goal... As for today, the price is around 40 cents and I can exchange some other assets that are connected to USD into HIVE... In that way, I am buying HIVE atm and catching up with my monthly goals slowly...

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Let's get back to the #MyHiveGoals and numbers for the last week... As I have powered up some HIVE lately, it didn't show yet on the graph, but it's nice to see that it goes up every day a little by little...

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I have to admit that I didn't put some of these yearly goals too high as it's hard to keep the focus on 6-7 hardly reachable goals... We have to make compromises and make a difference among them... If you push hard on 5-6 sides at the same time, you will burn out and will not reach any of your goals... As @gadrian said in his post about goals, every separate goal has its time to push more... Especially if you have 2 opposite goals and the market is favorable for one, and bad for the other... Of course, you will go with the flow and accumulate one until market conditions change...

The same happened with my goals... We had very positive conditions for the SPS tokens and I have pushed hard to get to my goal... Now that I have reached it, I can focus on another one... In my opinion, HIVE is currently undervalued and I'm using this moment to accumulate as many tokens as possible... Yes, there is no sense to sell some other valuable tokens atm as they are also UNDERVALUED, but there are some tokens that are "pegged" to the USD... Those ones are perfect for exchange to HIVE and I'm doing that in these moments... DCA-ing into HIVE through other tokens...

In the last 7 days, my HivePower goal has grown by 287 staked HIVE which is a bit above my plan from the last post, but still under a needed amount to get to my ORCA goal... Anyways, it help me to shrink the difference between those two things (current amount and needed amount to reach the goal)...

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During the week, I have staked all my author and curation rewards that I have collected at LEOFinance! I have almost reached my monthly goal which gives me hope for the next month... 96 LEO tokens staked in a week... Will try to raise that number to at least 100 in the next week!

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It's not that everything stayed the same from the last week... I have reached my monthly goal for staked WORKERBEE tokens! It will be hard to get those 650 until the end of the year as it's hard to predict if people will sell their stack or not... Price is juicy at the moment and I have noticed some big accounts making moves, but the market didn't respond yet... Will see what will happen in the next month or two...

I said in the last report that I would like to stake at least 25-30 BEE tokens per week, and I could say that I kept my word and accomplished that in this first week... So, 38 BEE tokens staked and my BEE POWER goal was almost reached this month!

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I got a comment that maybe my RISING STAR goal wasn't that challenging as I have almost reached it this week... I will get there in 3-4 days, but it wasn't that easy, or predictable at the beginning of the year... I had fewer earnings than today and I was opening fewer packs per week... Anyways, my progress in the game went up nicely and that helped me to "overdo" this goal...

Like I said in the last report, I'm continuing with staking my SPS tokens even with reaching the yearly goal... I'm not pushing it that hard, but rather exchange part of the earnings into HIVE... I found the SPS tokens as one of those that are more connected to the USD and perfect for HIVE DCA-ing at the moment... It helps me a lot in accumulating HIVE for my main goal!

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It's time to update the numbers and put them into the spreadsheet until the next week! So, freshly updated numbers for #MyHIVEGoals, on June 26th, 2022 are:


Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here.

Thank you for your time,


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The link to my initial 2022 Goals Edition is here...

These are my initial goals for 2022 created on January 2nd, 2022:


Update 06.02.2022.
BEE POWER 2500 --> 3500
RISING STAR NFTs 5555 --> 6000

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Yes, it is great to see peoples goals and how they grow over a period of time.
It is motivating.
Thanks for sharing.
Good luck with reaching your goals this year!

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Thank you so much for your kind words!
It is motivating, and I like to read others' posts too about their goals! Always compare with better and they will "help" you progress faster!


You are welcome @ph1102 😁
Exactly like that.
Happy Monday 👋🏻☀️


achieving is your thing

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hehehehe... It would be great if that would be true... lol...


Holly cow! That is one huge power up spike lol nice pick up there. Crazy what $400-$500 gets you in hive right now.

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That one was the last #HivePUD power up... I will try to replicate it in a few days... lol...
Now, when I see you writing USD amounts, it still looks a lot... But, it would be crazy to not use this discounted HIVE to stack more...


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I think you're doing well even if you have so many goals. Focusing on a few is a great idea as it's too hard to be all spread out.

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Exactly! It's like having 10 small kids and you have to watch them 24/7 :) :)


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You should know the best your "capacity" and according to that, create YOUR goals... They shouldn't be too easy, as it can bore you, but also, they shouldn't be too hard either, as it can demotivate you!

This is VERY important! Even at the beginning of the year, I knew my HIVE goal was a stretch, and that I will only achieve it by channeling important resources from elsewhere. If the pump on Splinterlands lasted longer, I may have done better with that goal.

But right now, the HIVE goal and the CL set maxing goal are forcing me to give up on other objectives I might have had if they weren't so challenging.

So, your advice is great and I believe anyone setting goals should take it seriously because it's not as easy as throwing a number. There is such thing as SMART goals (acronym coming from specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely or time-bound). I think I might have been unrealistic with the combination of my goals at the beginning (HIVE + HBD specifically), but I was carried away by Splinterlands income at the time.

Congrats on reaching your WORKERBEE for the month! I know this gives you a hard time from time to time.

I think I might have been unrealistic with the combination of my goals at the beginning (HIVE + HBD specifically)

Actually, I like that you have both of them in your goals... In that way, you are "covered" in bear and in the bull markets... Maybe just a different measuring those goals... Like a "pool measure" for both in the same basket... It can be powerful to grow them at different times... ;)

Congrats on reaching your WORKERBEE for the month! I know this gives you a hard time from time to time.

Thanks! It is the second hardest on the list... There is no way to earn them, and I don't want to throw my precious HIVE and overpay for WB :)


Like a "pool measure" for both in the same basket... It can be powerful to grow them at different times... ;)

This is a good idea. Maybe I'll try that next year.


I have refunded you 1 WORKERBEE that you have probably mistakenly staked (instead of delegating) to my account...

Thanks for the !BEER!

Hey @eii, here is a little bit of BEER from @ph1102 for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @ph1102, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.