Robert Kiyosaki's Bitcoin Prediction

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In 2022 when the crypto Market was bearish and the prices were bleeding. Everyone was thinking that Bitcoin will go down from 17,000 even to $5K.

But there was only person. Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki who predicted that Bitcoin would reach #100 by the end of. 2024

His prediction is so far coming true and I can see the price climbing towards $100K.

In february, on Twitter Robert Kiyosaki posted a post in which he predicted an increase in the price of Bitcoin to $100K by the end of the 2024.

One of his beliefs about the prices of Bitcoin is that before the Bitcoin having which is expected at the end of the April. It is necessary to increase investments in your favorite coins.

He also told that I bought around 10 Bitcoins before April and before the halving to come.

According to his statements. He is more confidence about bitcoin price that it will reach dollar 100K by the end of 2024.

So I thought to share this reminder of Robert Kiyosaki about bitcoin price which which may be helpful to you guys.


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