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Illiteracy on Crypto is High

There is a gross misunderstanding of the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency around the globe. Lack of knowledge on the operation of cryptocurrency wallets, possible utilization and the an overall understanding of the fate and future of cryptocurrencies have prevented many from adopting it.

It is true that we are still in the early stage of crypto adoption and this places a lot of work on the early adopters to educate as many around them about cryptocurrencies and how it can be integrated into our daily financial dealings.

I saw some fascinating statistics about Bitcoin which is supposedly the most popular cryptocurrency and the statistics show that we are still way far from getting cryptocurrencies into the hands of billions of people in the world.

  • More than 81 million people as of March 2022 created unique Bitcoin wallets on Blockchain.com, a site that makes buying Bitcoin possible. That's about 72% more than a year earlier and a 237% increase since 2018.
  • As of 2021, about 106 million people around the world use cryptocurrencies.
    About 46 million Americans (roughly 22% of the adult population) own a share of Bitcoin.

With just 106 million people using cryptocurrencies, that is way below half of Nigerian adult population of about 26 million. There is still a lot of work to have many come to the right knowledge about crypto that it is a phase of technological development in the finance sector and not just a creation to aid fraud and money laundering as many governments allege.

Even within the American population which has the highest levbel of crypto participation, just 29% are believed to own crypto. A huge 24% still have not heard about how cryptocurrency works.

29% of all millennial American parents own cryptocurrency.
51% of Americans in May 2021 had bought cryptocurrency for the first time within the last 12 months.
24% of Americans said they don’t understand how cryptocurrency works, let alone a Bitcoin wallet.

LeoFinance to the Rescue

The Mission of LeoFinance which is democratizing financial knowledge and access to opportunities by building on Web3 is centered on giving the masses access to crypto knowledge and that with ease via the LeoMobile App. The @LeoFinance community prides at making crypto knowledge accessible within seconds and on the palms of the hands via web2 porting. To achieve its mission, LeoFinance is committed to:

Building a wide array of applications, tools and opportunities for our users, we're actively on the bleeding edge of Web3 and testing the bounds of what's possible. The definition of Web3 is dynamic. It is not static like that of Web1 or even Web2.

I have personally improved a lot on my knowledge about cryptocurrency and it has been a progressive journey so far. LeoPedia was initially modelled to be a crypto knowledge bank, though its development is presently halted. In the near future, we'll see it truly become a crypto encyclopedia where anyone can learn systematically about crypto.

Earn $LEO and $HIVE learning about Web 3.0 on "LeoFinance Communities"

LeoFinance's latest development that is geared towards providing a hitch-free and systematic learning experience for users about specific crypto communities is the Community pages. In a recent video, @khaleelkazi shared his thoughts on how the Community pages will Onboard Hundreds of Communities to Hive.


Community Pages started as an idea for a space dedicated to communities like ThorChain. A "designated hub" for specific content related to each community. This could bring about an entirely new way to categorize and organize content creators and curators who are interested in sub-niches on LeoFinance.

This model of crypto community centric interaction would help to better reward learning about crypto in a way that would motivate more participation by the new adopters. Learning to earn is a an emerging aspect of crypto utilization. Traditionally, a learner was supposed to pay the tutor but crypto has changed the narrative such that the learner also has the opportunity to learn for consuming the tutor's content.

Every engagement on LeoFinance stands the possibility of earning $LEO and $HIVE crypto via upvotes. This is an awesome and an inspiring way to learn from a web3 platform like LeoFinance.

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You're welcome @uyobong! Have a nice day 😊👍

I didnt seem too get the definition of web 3.0 and what's is about, is it the metaverse blog too earn or nft, these got alot of persons confuse as even the mere understanding of cryptocurrency is difficult too an average person

Oh a lot of people have written about the future web3 and joining leofinace community I beluve you will know more about web3 the future of crypto

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Friend, web 3.0 is the one where you own your own data and publications, as you know social networks like facebook iinstagram and twitter are part of web 2.0 where you can have more interaction and connection but everything is totally centralized, you have no real freedom and your content is not yours, because if mark feels like deleting everything he does it and there is no one to stop him because Meta is his.

On the other hand, in web 3.0 the power is given back to the users themselves, since REAL decentralization plays a fundamental role, and even more so in Hive since your publications are yours and have authenticity.

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For the utility of hive i guess the price is highly undervalued

Indeed. The value of Hive is however beyond its price.

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Apt. Thanks for the details.

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You'll have a bunch of answers here:

Thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks boss got the whole gist now

Leo finance is a full package and believe it is place to be because every hour you spend here is never a waist

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Very true. It's a place that helps one to onboard web3 with ease.

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Thank you for the curation. Appreciated.

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The more financially literate people become the more they'll realise what a scam crypto is so im all for it :)

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A lot still need to be done about crypto ,we need to continue to preach the news

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Lol 😂 I do and my comment section on my posts is a ghost town no one is interested in learning they just want someone to tell them buy this shitcoin it’s going to make you rich


Ghost town. 😅 lemme visit yours then 😅

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Maybe we change the approach. I had that limitation back then in my locality. I kept telling them anyways. Now, some are responding well.

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This is where the big work lies. Trust me, there are millions of crypto users that have not heard about Hive.

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Sure I agree with you let's keep telling the story @uyobong

hahaha like UST and USDD.

I also think they will be smarter and avoid losing money in a stupid way and then blame cryptocurrencies, because without the necessary knowledge ignorance is dangerous.

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Sad that many would even prefer those failing systems of Ponzis.

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Very true. Crypto Education would help take away the shades that centralized financial institutions have placed on money.

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Indeed, writing blogs in LeoFinance has been a great support to my learning of crypto investing.

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Same here. You also share great thoughts.

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With just 106 million people using cryptocurrencies, that is way below half of Nigerian adult population of about 26 million.

This is true and that is what beneficial for all of us because we are still early adopters and mass adoption will come in near future. Such a lovely information you have shared.

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The earlier the better we get involved at this early stage and this could be a lifetime opportunity

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Very true. This is why we all must maximize the opportunities we have to our greatest advantage.

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it's a truly wonderful model, it's designed so well that the learn-to-earn function is just a side effect of the system.

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I hope it all rolls out well and efficient. Thanks

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I hope so too, great writing as always

A lovely write up thanks for shearing with us very informative

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Appreciate that you took out time to read out.

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You are welcome boss @uyobong

Only 106 million people understand the potential of what we have here, we have to raise that number to 1000 million and I know that leofinance and hive can help even with a part of that, because here we have the potential to achieve it. What better publications than people who use them every day? :D

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Yeah, the work would have to involve everyone. That is why we are advocating for all Hive users to get to use the leofinance end in finance/money related posts to help drive the stats for the front end higher.

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I think that web 30 and blockchain technology can change many lives and that illiteracy will disappear over time. Why? Simply because blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be the revolution of sibling finance.

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Yeah, it's gonna be a gradual journey. However, very crypto community must be intentional about educating others.

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