vexPOLYCUB: Unlocking amplified rewards + amplified Governance Power on PolyCUB DeFi

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vexPOLYCUB Release - Mega Rewrds and Mega Influence for xPOLYCUB Staking

It's another exciting week as @LeoFinance is set to launch some major developments on the Best DeFi platform in 2022 - PolyCUB. It is obvious that the update in queue will further strengthen PolyCUB, thus making it a more reliable DeFi platform. According to @khaleelkazi, the update in PlyCUB would feature The Governance UI, vexPOLYCUB Contract and vexPOLYCUB UI. source

It is beautiful that this upgrade in PolyCUB is coming in a season where other DeFi platforms like Celsius, Terra are losing their stability and confidence, thus, making loud the strength and uniqueness of PolyCUB built in a wrecking bear season. This is a season for the believers of LeoFinance's DeFi products to smile at their investments as this development would give a facelift to CubFinance as well.

Of the list of developments in the next PolyCUB release, the vexPOLYCUB contract is the the most bullish as it would unlock amplified rewards plus amplified Governance Power for xPOLYCUB staking. vexPOLYCUB contract is designed to allow anyone to stake their xPOLYCUB into a long-term contract and that means that the POLYCUB staked into xPOLYCUB would also be staked into the long term which would facility a faster price jump for POLYCUB.

In exchange for locking your xPOLYCUB for 2 years, you receive 3x Governance Power in the xPOLYCUB DAO.
For example, a user who holds 100 xPOLYCUB has 100 Governance Power in the DAO.
A second user stakes their 100 xPOLYCUB into vexPOLYCUB and now has 300 Governance Power but has to wait 2 years for their xPOLYCUB to vest and unstake it. source

This is the beginning of a sustainable future for PolyCUB and this means a huge benefit for PolyCUB investors.


PolyCUB Governance and

It is true that governance is the first real-world utility for buying and staking POLYCUB. Earlier, I had written that PolyCUB governance is the biggest Utility for staking POLYCUB. Every early xPOLYCUB staker would have made over 1000% in terms of POLYCUB returns since the PC/XPC ratio started at 2, now at 22.7. The decision to allocate huge rewards and increased governance influence to vexPOLYCUB staking would motivate long term investment in PolyCUB.

I believe this vexPOLYCUB development would interest top influencers like @Taskmaster4450le who has been clamoring for bonds on Hive with HBD and long term staking with improved rewards. I see a whole new future for PolyCUB and this should inform a good decision top buy POLYCUB now as the price may likely double in the next few days and weeks.

Final Thoughts

I'm always conscious that there would only be 7 million POLYCUBs. With over 4.5 million already staked onto xPOLYCUB, it is certain that the days of POLYCUB scarcity are already fast approaching. Built to model Bitcoin, POLYCUB is going to really be scarce and that's a wealth mine for all who buy in now. In the next few days, I look forward to add more to my xPOLYCUB stake and can't miss out of the big things to happen.

Are you yet a part of this fast evolving change in the cryptocurrency industry? The earlier the better!

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