Powering Up My Power Down

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According to the countdown timer on HiveBuzz the #hivepud ( HIVE Power Up Day ) has begun.

Seven days ago I created a stir when I announced that I issued a power down so that I would have the 10 HIVE needed to power up; so that I could get the HiveBuzz Power Up badge.

Powering Down to Power Up is clearly a violation of the spirit of Power Up Day. @arcange said:

Powering down to power up on HPUD is not a good idea. You just lose part of your curation reward.

Hive's most esteemed statistician is partially right. Since HIVE POWER is the primary factor in curation rewards, HIVE users are wise to power up all of their free HIVE. I would actually suggest that new users go to the control panel and set up their accounts so that 100% of their rewards goes to HIVE power.

But I decided that I wanted to be part of the Power Up Day Festivities.

The most efficient way to participate in Power Up Day is to power up 100% of one's reward through out the month. Seven days before the end of the month one should calculate the HIVE needed for the 10 HP goal. Launch a power down for that amount and to power up the power down on Power Up Day!

In my case, I needed 4.8 HIVE; so, I launched a 63 HIVE power down. I got the first installment payment this morning and am set to party on Power Up Day.

The first step is to claim all outstanding awards on Hive and Hive Engine, which I did before I started this post.

I will now click to my hive wallet and power up the 10 HP that I've been saving for this momentous event. Which, I guess you can't see because I am not doing this on a live stream.

My 10 HP Power Up is in this block. Hooray, hooray, hooray.

To make this power up day extra special, I decided to execute the stake my tokens button created by the Pizza Team : #hivepizza

The stake my tokens button will stake all tokens on Hive Engine. The button produced this data:


The above graph essentially shows the alt-coins I've earned in the last seven days. I sold some POB and LEO at 7.77 HIVE to buy #CENT when the market popped a few days ago. I also bought some MEME which I already powered up.

I Am A Traitor to HIVE

Yes, the data shows that I am a traitor to HIVE. The reason that I had to power down to power up was because I've been secretly pilfering HIVE from my author rewards and buying alt-coins on Hive Engine.

Since some of the alt-coins currently have a better pay rate, I would encourage new users to put their author rewards into alt-coins and to skip HPUD.

Of course, sending HIVE to Hive Engine is a violation of the spirit of #HPUD. Spending HIVE to buy LEO and CENT has the same negative effects on HIVE as spending HIVE at a brothel. When I bought #CENT with my HIVE, I became part of the downward forces on HIVE.

I am so ashamed of my actions. How dare I claim to be using HIVE in the spirit of Power Up day when I am playing fast an loose with HIVE's cuter younger sister .... Hive Engine.

Yes, I am like that. I am like the prom date who shows up one the doorstep with HIVE in hand and who then sparks on the cuter younger sister when the door opens.

I confess. I violated the spirit of HPUD by sending my coins to Hive-Engine. Yes, it is shameful! But I am one of those shameful people who thinks investors should do what is best for their portfolio and not for the platform.

Is Power Up Day That Great of a Thing?

Some readers might be reading a cynical message in this post. Some might think that I consider the HPUD challenge on HiveBuzz to be poorly designed.

It is not like HPUD is a cheep knock off of SPUD and and that one would think that the designers of HiveBuzz would come up with a better monthly challenge the 10 HP challenge.

I cannot change what others think. I would like to chime in and say that I think that HiveBuzz does a greate job of providing incentives for new users.

I think that a monthly challenged focussed on account growth is a wonderful idea.

But, come on man, asking people to power up an arbitrary amount of money on an arbitrary day is the type of thing Justin Sun would promote.

I've been using HPUD to analyze my account's growth. This post is getting long. I will start doing my monthly account analysis on @irivers.

Now For the Pictures

The top picture shows part of a transformer station in Murray Utah. I suspect that the station helps powers Trax. The second picture shows Trax running thru Murray, Utah.


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Congratulations @yintercept! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 10 HIVE on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 1 badge.
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Like your writing :)
"Hive's most esteemed statistician is partially right."
I think the penguin is a bit more esteemed

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Buying tokens only puts a downward pressure on hive relative to the tokens you're buying. Relative to fiat, if anything, it would put an upward pressure on hive as you would have to buy more hive to trade for more tokens. I guess it depends on what the new owners of the hive do with it...

My post was meant to be satirical.

The relation between HIVE and alt-coins is quite complex. The complex relation between HIVE and the alt-coins is bound to have extremely complex effects on price.

It appears to me that, in general, the alt-coins increase the total value of the Hive-o-sphere. However, a coin can have a negative effect on the price of HIVE itself.

BTW: My hope with these posts is simply to encourage the administrators of #Hivepud to come up with a better monthly challenge than simply powering up 10 HIVE.

I actually am right about my post. The best way to get the 10 HIVE for power up day is to power down. The real monthly challenge should be about interacting with the blockchain and not some arbitrary number.

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