My First post on Hive ! Welcome Leofinance

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I will start this post saying that I'm sorry.

I'm a lying a little, this is only my first post with this new account. As the name mentions you can understand that this is my Leo alt account. My main is @ykretz

I decided to make this alt account because I was really bored seeing my Leo Voting mana always around 100% because my main account is now more about cinema and/or video content.

I want my main account to be more about advertising for my Editing work and audiovisual content review but I really love to talk about finance and crypto. And I was getting annoyed to make Finance posts among Ryan Reynolds' movie's reviews. So now I have a place to talk about it and I will never feel guilty about it !

As I already started I will also try to comment the most I can with it and only on LeoFinance post, I hope to be on a @abh12345 LeoFinance engagement Post as often as possible !

My Tokenomics

As I did with my first alt account @ykretz.sports, I'll try to focus mainly on one token, here Leo. Mist of the other tokens will be sold to buy more Leo because the goal is to always have MOAR Leo.


As soon as I have my own Hive power Balance, enough to make some comments and posts without waiting for my Ressource Credits to regrow I will use probably half of my HP to delegate to @leo.voter, which I'm already doing with my main account and may stop soon.


I don't really know what to do with that.

I have some CubLife and LBI on my main account and I'm wondering if I should transfer them all here to have all my Leo Tokens at the same place. If you have any suggestions on the best thing to do I'm here to hear it !!


For the posts content I will do as I did with my main account. That can be almost anything. From a new technology that I'm interested in to a earning website I like and want to share or Following the endless trend about Elon Musk.

I already shared it but I have my own Editing business.


I'm at the moment Where I'm starting some professional editing projects and I am as much excited as I am anxious. But if it works properly that means that I am having my first real job. And a job means money, and money means I can buy some crypto.

I will see how much I will earn with that but that is for sure gonna help me and I will do some updates here, if people are interested but most of all that will be also for me, to see the evolution of that !

I will for sure share some things here about that but I still have to choose what will I share here and what I will do in my main account.

Crypto Gaming

I'm already making some little updates on my actifit reports about little achievements on few games. And I think I will continue, but when I have some bigger things to announce, maybe some Giveaways or anything that can be interesting and needs a real post about it, That's where I will do that !

Earn Leo

If you know anything else than BRO, LBI, CL or Leo.voter to have some daily/weekly Leo, I'd love to hear of it !


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